9 Things To Know About Newborns

9 Things To Know About Newborns


You are not supposed to know everything about your infant as soon as they are born. It takes time but many unpredictable and totally new events keep popping up. These things can make any first-time mother get scared or frustrated. But in reality there is no need to worry about minor things.



Here are some common things that worry new moms-

Babies look ‘different’

Do not expect your baby to look instantly like that cute one in the ad or even like yourself or your husband. The newborns look more or less the same. Their head is usually not round and the face looks a little swollen. Also they keep their eyes shut most of the time may be due to brightness after living in the dark for nine months.

But it will not be long before your baby becomes cute and starts resembling the parents.

Crying Troubles

Babies do cry and that too a lot! How else are they supposed to communicate with you? Though it can be tough for you to understand the reason but slowly you will get used to it and will start understanding the language of your baby.

Take Care of Umbilical Cord

If you wet the umbilical cord, it will take more time in falling off. It is advisable that you don’t wet the area so that the cord comes out within two weeks. Also there can be little bleeding when the cord falls but don’t be scared as it is normal.

Fontanel Care

It is OK to touch the fontanel or the soft spot on top of baby’s head. Most mothers are scared of even touching it but they don’t need to. The area may sometimes pulsate also due to the presence of blood vessels that cover brain.

Smiles etc.

Babies will not respond much to you until they are about six weeks old. Don’t panic or feel annoyed when your newborn does not seem to be warming up to you. Also do not stop making bonding attempts as babies do understand your efforts and this develops attachment.

Hygiene Issues

Never touch your baby with dirty hands, neither let anyone else touch them with dirty hands. The baby is yours and you have every right to tell people to touch your baby with clean hands only. Baby’s face and hands are more prone to infections so keep them clean and keep your baby away from sick people.

Keep Checking

It is difficult to know whether your baby is getting enough food. Make sure that you feed them every 2-3 hours. It is good enough if they urinate 5-6 times a day and pass stools 1-2 times. Also doctors help in monitoring the progress by body-weight.

Skin Trouble

Your baby’s skin will turn dry & will peel and it is normal. Baby acne is also common and nothing to be scared of. You can use a hypoallergenic moisturiser to soothe baby’s dry skin but it is not mandatory. Skin will become good after a month.

Babies sleep but not much

And it is again normal. Babies do not sleep much. They keep falling asleep from time to time but wake up as quickly too. It is important to try making them habitual of a sleep pattern. Do not let your baby sleep for more than three hours at a stretch during day. It is essential to feed them regularly. Don’t worry if they sleep for long hours at night and catch up on your sleep as well.

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