9 Tips For Plus-Size Maternity Wear

By Jayashree

9 Tips For Plus-Size Maternity Wear


Be it whatever our size, we still want to look and feel awesome during the pregnancy period. Maternity wear must be reliable, soft, comfortable, of good fabric and fit. Maternity garments must not be skin-tight or even oversized that isn’t fashionable at all.

Thus, for all mom-to-be, we have listed few tips that can help them to choose the best plus-size maternity wear and stay fashionable.

1. Select A Proper Length:

Select the dresses and even skirts that are of knee length. Dresses or skirts longer than this will make you appear old-fashioned and shorter; or even something higher than this length a look a bit exposing. A proper knee length garment gives you a very elegant look, especially if you are petite or plus-sized.



2. Quality Of Fabric:

Plus-size maternity fabric must be soft and of flowing materials that drapes very smoothly all over the body. Avoid using bulky or tightly woven fabrics. You can also select silk jersey, Spandex, cotton, or woven sweaters that are light that are easy to carry and doesn’t cling and squeeze on the skin.



Choose from jersey tank top, loose cardigan or jersey fabric to pair with bootleg pant. Keep in mind that they are stretchable and make you look flattering.

3. Highlight The Positive:

Select from V-necks that are not too low-cut. This will draw attention to the shoulders, neck, and face, and make your body look longer.

Go for Wrap-styled tops that are curve-friendly. This even gives you ample adjustment with the wrap tie as your belly or body grows.



4. Belts:

Belts can give shape to a billowy dress or even a shirt. Get a skinny leather belt or a nice piece of ribbon from the craft store. Just fasten it beneath the bust to emphasize the ribcage with a comfortable feel and style.



5. Choose The Prints Wisely:

Being plus-sized or pregnant doesn’t mean to keep you away from the patterns and colour. You can still use them a lot, but very wisely. Just add some bright popping colour to your outfit with the help of scarf, purse, or even a camisole that is layered under your neutral cardigan.

Keep yourself away from the extremes patterns like big flowers or tiny floral prints that are not too flattering. Medium-sized designs are more eye-catching that can be chosen in the form of scarf.



6. Don’t Keep It Too Short:

Capri-length or 3 quarter-length pants must be strictly avoided. They’re difficult to carry out with the hem that is not too flattering. To make your legs appear little longer make sure that the hem stops one or two inches above the ground.



You can pair perfectly hem pants with a nice low-heeled shoes that is slightly pointed to add length to the figure. If you love flats, get your pants hemmed to at an inch just above the floor.

7. Tie Friendly:

Buy a top that can be tied at the back. This also helps you to adjust as your belly or body grows. This helps you to get a proper shape that looks very defined and clean.



8. Monochromatic Magic:

Always buy the boots, shoes, and tights of the same colours. This is useful to create an illusion of long and lean silhouette. You can even use this trick for leggings and flats in the summer season. Pair black leggings with black sandals to get a seamless look for your hip to toe.



9. Accessorize:

Now my favourite section, Accessory! Being plus-size during maternity doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize yourself. Go for scarf, jewellery, long necklaces to accentuate your figure. With the growth of your baby bump you can choose big layered necklaces or even chandelier earrings to balance the whole look.



Hope these tips will help to choose the best plus-size maternity wear and stay fashionable.

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