A Cart Full Of Smile – 5 Great Gifts For Kids On Flipkart.


Yesterday my friend pinged and told me to check out a video “Yashi’s wish come to life” in #Everywishfulfilled. Well, frankly speaking I was in no mood to watch any video as my maid Radha was on leave after her daughter delivered a baby girl and all the household chores were yet to be done. Then more pressing, was the need to go to the market to shop for a few gifts to be given to the new born as Radha and her daughter had been helping me out for the last couple of years. They both had always been a call away for so many years and now I thought it was my turn to see a smile on their face.

Holding a cup of tea in my hand, I decided to watch that video. I liked the way that video was made- that sense of fairytale whimsy that it captured. It really was a beautifully told story. From the clueless father getting his daughter’s wish wrong but then the wishman swooping in and saving the day! But then it made me think, was there a time when I also thought that gifting was a magical event, and not something that had to be done out of obligation.

Anyway, times are changing and may be that is the call of the day but I thought the film was a great idea to bring forward the point that with online shopping and specifically with Flipkart, every wish can be fulfilled. Yeah, right, and then struck the idea to me that instead of going to the market in the scorching heat outside why shouldn’t I too shop online this time from Flipkart?

Thinking of not going outside made me relaxed yet a bit jittery as I wasn’t sure what will happen if I lose time searching things online and later find myself with not enough time to do out to the market? There were so many doubts in my mind that what if all the things I want to give to Radha were overpriced? I had toyed with the idea to give her cash to buy clothes for the babies. But then I knew that cash given for the babies will vanish in the air so I decided to give just an hour to search for the desired products.

There were so many things I needed to buy but didn’t know where to start from, but then as I browsed the categories, everything became clear at once. My shopping started with looking for gift packs and to my surprise there were so many of them. I picked up a gift pack of 7 pieces for the baby girl. Awww! That was so cute and I fell in love with its pretty pink colour.


And of course the price was also great. So I decided that some cash with that gift set was a good idea to make Radha and her daughter smile.

I was about to complete the order when I saw the new category ‘Plan a birthday party’, I was like really was shopping that easy? And then I was thinking about my young friends in the orphanage nearby my house where I go every week for informal counselling sessions. I suddenly saw these ceramic mugs and could well imagine the smiles on those innocent faces.


Then there was this pencil sharpener which I had always wanted to gift to my friend who runs art classes for kids during summer vacations and is always looking for the misplaced pencil sharpeners. 


I belong to a generation when we used to stich clothes for our kids ourselves and I really used to experiment a lot with my daughter’s frocks. And going through kids clothes made me nostalgic enough to pick up two pretty ones for my two sister in laws who had been blessed with beautiful girls. I am sure every one of my era are going to love these. Check these out..


Littleopia Girl’s Gathered Dress



Aomi Girl’s A-line Dress



So within half an hour I was ready with my shopping cart full of smiles. Thank you Flipkart, what a relief it is to shop, sitting in the comfort of your home and getting things delivered at your doorstep, not only yours but also to the friends’ and family’s. Ah! Not to forget the reasonable discounted prices which saves so much of your time and energy spent while bargaining in the market place.

Oh! Yes by the way before finally checking out, I remembered that even I need to smile a bit so bought this beautiful collectible roman figure Chess board game for myself.


As a kid I played chess with my father and he used to tell me that if I honed up my skills, I could be a good player. I believe that there is no age limit for honing up your skills. And yes, I smiled with my heart as I checked out with COD option.

I gifted a cart full of smiles, when are you doing it?



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