A Pregnancy Must Have: The Pregnancy Journal

Have any of you who’ve been pregnant before happen to get your hands on a pregnancy journal? Or maybe made one yourself? Or those of you who are yet to step into this world, don’t you imagine filling up/ writing your journal of how your pregnancy has been proceeding so that after a few years, you can read it and have a good laugh and reminisce?

my pregnancy journal

When I got pregnant, that’s exactly what I planned to do. But being lazy, I quit after a few days..It was a bit boring to write in a notebook day in and day out…didn’t seem like much fun since I’m not the best DIY person. Then one day, a friend of mine got me a gift..A Pregnancy Journal!!

I had no idea these were available in the market and I was soo psyched to get it. I can’t imagine any girl (preggie or not yet preggie) who wouldn’t want this. So let me explain some more about this must have!

  • The book is spiral bound and divided into 4 tabs…1 tab for each trimester and the last tab for Labour & Birth.
  • Each trimester has loads of space to write down your thoughts. It even consists of checklists and information about the diests you should maintain, Medical appointments, etc.
  • There’s is space to stick pictures of yourself as your pregnancy progresses. This picture slot can also be used to attach pics of the scans.

  • Each trimester has a folder space where you can put in any documents, prescriptions, etc pertaining to that particular trimester.
  • It even has a list of safe exercising and activities which can be undertaken in your pregnancy along with which activities to avoid.
  • All of us are fashion conscious these days. Pregnancy doesn’t mean that we dress sloppily. Ence, this journal also has a few sheets dedicated to Pregnancy Fashion. Cool right?

  • Towards the end of the journal, in the 3rd trimester section you have some very helpful information and checklists on how to prepare the nursery..This is a boon to first time moms out there!

  • The final section i.e. the Labor & Birth section is also filled with helpful information like a checklist of what to pack in your hospital bag. And this list is not just for what to packfor the baby but for the mother as well.
  • This section also can be used after the birth to mention details of your birth and to attach 1st look pictures as well

  • The last 2 pages of the journal is basically a Telephone directory where you can mention all the numbers of your Doctor, persons to called in an emergency, your family doctor, etc.

Isn’t this an amazing and handy thing to have for an expecting mom? What’s best is that it’s not just a writing pad, but also has useful information within. The binding is great and rest assured, this book will remain a long long time and bring some lovely memories no matter when you open it. I don’t know the price of this since it was gifted but I know it’s available at Bookstores and larger stationery shops. This really does make for a great gift for your expectant friend or family member….

So when your next pal tells you she’s expecting and you get all excited and wonder what to get her, do think of this option as well

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