A Week by Week Baby Development Overview For Moms-To-Be

Studying and understanding week by week baby development is surely exiting for every mom-to-be.

For many women, getting pregnant is a big task by itself. And for those women who are fortunate enough to get pregnant, the next nine months will become the most exciting time in their entire life.

There are plenty of resources available over the internet and in books providing you invaluable information about pregnancy and childbirth. But, do you have the time to look and glance over all those pages of information, with your busy pregnancy schedule?

One of the shortcuts is to use a pregnancy calendar. It helps you find the right information and things in one place. Another way to get fast results is by first getting a brief overview, and then to focus on specific areas of interest.

Though the first few weeks of pregnancy seems to be quite torturous and painful, the succeeding weeks will be those of happy memories and good feelings. By the end of the first trimester, you will be proud to show off your bump to your friends and colleagues.

Every woman will be too keen to know what exactly happens and how the

baby develops in her womb. When you study the growth and morphological changes of your baby from the first week till the last week, you’ll be amazed to know that you’re acting as a custodian for a tiny little mass of life!Week by Week Baby Developmen

Learning to know and understand week by week baby development within your womb is a great lesson that teaches you many principles of nature. Here are some bits of information on how your baby grows and develop from week one to week thirty six.

Week by Week Baby Development Overview
(Weeks 1 to 12 = First Trimester)

  • It is the ripe time for that elusive ovulation! You just need a single egg to be fertilized by a sperm. It finally occurs!
  • It is also the time for conception in your Fallopian tube. A healthy sperm will fertilize another healthy egg!
  • The fertilized egg travels down to the uterine area to implant itself on to the wall. This stage is called the implantation stage. The process of implantation may sometimes cause spot bleeding, which is quite harmless and common
  • Once embedded on to the wall, a primitive neural tube forms, which eventually becomes the nervous system.
  • Next on the line are the primitive circulatory system and a tiny heart. This combination will provide the solid foundation, on which the entire life will be supported and nourished.
    The most significant anatomical development in the fifth week is the beating heart, whose murmurs could be heard with the help of a special stethoscope,
  • You’ll also see the appearance of an umbilical cord, that is designed specially to provide fresh blood, oxygen and food to the young fetus,
  • The rudimentary heart will function on its own, by pumping blood through its primitive circulatory system,
  • This is also the stage for other organs to develop and sustain; along with the lungs, important organs like hands, feet and arms also start developing,
  • During the sixth week, the limbs continue develop at a quick pace, to create a strange sensation in your womb,
  • Brain cells will also multiply at an alarming pace; almost 100 billion cells will form with in the next two or three months,
  • Eyes will also make their debut, and a pair eye buds will form at the edge of the head,
    Internal digestive organs like pancreas, stomach, intestine and liver will soon appear during the sixth and seventh week,
  • During the seventh week, you will also be see tiny little feet and hands, jetting out of the body with a well formed elbow to support the hands. A pair of legs will support hose tiny feet as well,
  • At this time, a thin, but firm gum line will also form in the mouth, which soon will be the solid base for plenty of teeth,
  • By week eight, cartilages and bones will occupy their place in the body; you may need plenty of calcium supplement at this time to start feeding your baby with calcium,
  • Eyes and digestive systems are soon evolving as efficient internal organs,
  • Your baby would have also grown bigger and healthier during this month.
  • Your baby will also start moving both in sideways, as well as upside down. This stage is the most significant stage, as you’ll start experiencing those tingling sensations in your stomach,
  • The sense of mobility will soon be developed by the tiny little baby, as she will start trying to hold things that are within easy reach,
  • The fingers will also start showing distinctly formed finger prints and the fingers will also have trough shaped ends, where the future nails will grow,
  • By week ten, your tiny tot will become a fetus, meaning a larger form of life with highly advanced organ systems in her body,
  • Now that all the major organs are firmly in place, a new phase will start when the baby starts growing at a rapid rate,
  • Eyes are still shut down, but the cornea and iris will start forming with in the shut eye lids,
  • The placenta will start working during this time, to transport fresh food and oxygen to feed the baby.
  • By week eleven, hairs and nails start to grow and develop,
  • Kidneys also start functioning, as amniotic fluid wastes will be ejected by the tiny pair of kidneys,
  • The genital organs will also develop and take the set gender characters; this is the time when you can check the sex of your baby,
  • Muscle system is still primitive, but this primitive system will start to contract and swell to practice contractions that digest food.
  • To bolster body’s biological functions, all critical internal organs like intestine, liver and stomach will complete their growth,
  • Ears shift to the sides of the head, while the eyes also begin to move close to each other,
  • Very tiny vocal chords will also begin to take shape so that by the end of the pregnancy tenure, the baby will be ready to cry and announce that it has arrived!

Week By Week Baby Development
(Weeks 13 to 24 = Second Trimester)

  • Week thirteen is a month of continuous growth; all organs begin to finalize their shape and morphology, while the heart is increasingly getting rhythmic and resonant,
  • Baby’s neck is getting longer and stiffer,
  • Placenta is also quite busy in nourishing the tender baby,Ultrasound of the 14 weeks baby development status.
  • By fourteenth week, thyroid and other hormone secreting glands will get to work to produce minute quantities of hormones,
  • The skin is still transparent and thin fine hairs (lanugo) starts appearing on the body,
  • Bones will also get stronger day by day all the way, till the last week,
  • Muscle and brain coordination starts to show up,
  • 20 milky white teeth buds are also developed,
  • Rapid skeletal movement is observed throughout the trimester,
  • First signs of fluttering movement,
  • Fetus gains more weight and becomes mature,
  • Fetus also becomes very sensitive to sounds and light,
  • Some hint of fat deposition over the body

Many parents search for more information on week 16 and week 17 baby development. Click the links anytime to get in info.

Week By Week Baby Development
(Week 27 to Birth = Third Trimester)

  • Heartbeat is stronger and can be heard by a stethoscope,
  • Eyelids starts to open very slowly and clear eyes are easily visible,
  • There is a definite pattern in sleep and wakefulness,
  • Lungs are ready for breathing,Week by Week Baby Development
  • Taste buds also form at this stage and the nourishment is stepped by the placenta,
  • By the end of twenty sixth week, eye lashes and brows are completely formed,
  • Eyes are focused and sharp,
  • Brain will continue to grow, accompanied by strong sensory feelings,
  • Skin gets clear now with wrinkles slowly disappearing from the body,
  • The fetus really looks like a baby, as the head looks quite proportional to the body,
  • Eyes are very sensitive to the light, while the finger and toe nails reach their full length,
  • Each cartilage is quite soft and well formed,
  • Entire body system is completely functional,
  • The head gets firmer day by day, and the whole body is sustained by a consistent supply of food,
  • The baby moves almost regularly by kicking and moving,
  • The baby starts to put on more weight during this time,
  • The baby also takes a head down position to facilitate an easy delivery,
  • But, the scalp region is still underdeveloped to accommodate the body through the narrow birth channel

Throughout pregnancy your baby would have added weight and height very slowly. But in the last few weeks the increase in weight is markedly rapid.  

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