Adoption II – An act of love…

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Having a baby brings immense joy and not having one brings grief that cannot substituted by anything.  It is a gaping hole in the life of a woman and in turn the life of the married couple who desire a child.  A child is ultimately a blessing from the Lord and no matter what you do, you cannot change God’s will for your life.  A baby is a miracle but one that not everyone is fortunate to have.

Infertility is the biggest problem.  It is something that affects both man and woman. Then there are those couples where one partner does not want to have children.  Third, couples who choose to have a child that is of a particular gender and try all their lives with no avail.  Some do not want to take the risk of passing on serious genetic or medical conditions and so choose not to attempt to have a baby naturally. Then there are those that choose their careers over having a family and when they have enough of their careers it’s too late to conceive a child.  This problem is unfortunately becoming increasingly common. Last but not the least there are those who are just plain happy with themselves and do not seem to feel the need for a child.  Often their pets or someone else’s children fill the gap for them.

This series is being written keeping in mind those who want a child naturally and cannot have one but…can look at adoption as an option.  The most basic reason to have a child is a desire to build or expand a family.  When this cannot happen from the womb of the wife should a couple give up their dream of having a family?  No. Never. That is where the motivation to adopt comes in.

What is adoption?

Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with parents other than the birth parents and the child, in turn, gains the same legal rights as that of a child born to the adoptive parents.  The parental rights of the birth parents are permanently terminated.

Adoption is a commitment not a convenience.   It is a permanent arrangement, just like a natural parent-child relationship.  The connection between the child and the guardian is legal and binding on both parties.  Adoption involves a great deal of paperwork, as well as the assistance of lawyers, social workers, and judges to finalize the process.

Why adoption?

For most families, adoption is ultimately an act of love and the desire to enrich their family and the life of the child who becomes a part of that family.  It is the answer to the pain of not having a child.  It is the laughter in the middle of your bed.  It is the little hand that clings to yours.  It is that little one who once was abandoned but now belongs.

Are any of you ladies thinking of or going through the adoption process?  We’d love you to share your thoughts with us.

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