All About Home Schooling For Kids

All About Home Schooling For Kids

Homeschooling as the name suggests is an idea of providing education which is free from the confines of a school or educational institution. In India, the concept of Homeschooling is not new but it certainly not as famous as it is in the Western countries. Western countries have a good record of Homeschooling kids and a number of families supporting the innovative Idea. As it is a common & well known fact that Family is the first institution for a child and it is the family ‘s influence which has a huge impact on the overall psychological development of a child.


Home school is great option for little children as many reassures are there upon a child in school which includes peer pressure and the actual pressure of the curriculum which needs to be covered within a short span of time. Normally, a definite course is subject to be a deciding curriculum for most of the kids as the qualification for knowledge and eligible for going them promoted from a higher standard. Homeschooling doesn’t recognize that only a said curriculum is deciding factor for a child’s knowledge. On the other hand it believes on the principle that knowledge should be a continuous & dynamic process which includes every aspect of the basic information a child needs to know. I t doesn’t has a fixed syllabus that needs to be taught to Home schooling children.


Home schooling is gaining recent attention due to the advancements in the field of education and also due to the steps taken to improve human resources in the country.

Homeschooling has many benefits few of which are mentioned below-

  • In comparison to schools, home school provides an exclusive opportunity to guide the children and make them understand each & every basic primary education related information in detail.
  • Due to the number of crimes against children in private institutions these days, home school definitely seems to be a good options as the child is always within the confines of parent’s & guardians.
  • Normally in primary schools if a child is lacking behind any special focus on a single child doesn’t seems to be possible and those children usually keep lacking behind. This is not a case in Homeschooling as the child has not to compete any friend or acquaintance and only needs to learn what their parents think should be useful for the age & intelligence level of a child.



  • Homeschooling doesn’t make a child socially unfit just because they are not attending a class with a group of kids. In fact proper knowledge & chances of exposure with homeschooling can make a child really expressive & active wherever he is required to communicate with others.
  • Home school develops a better level of comfort and understanding with children as they are more influenced by their parents rather than their teachers or peer group kids.
  •  Home school in a way is also a measuring guide for parents to know where their kids lacks behind & where it needs to be encouraged profusely. As parents spend the most of the time with kids.
  • The financial resources which go on sending a child to a private institute will be surely employed in some other useful venture or practical learning for kids. Its not that parents don’t have to teach kids who attend regular school! So what is the whole point in spending a whopping sum of money when all the work is done by the parents itself!

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