Alphabet Picture Matching Strips : Teaching Word Formation To Toddlers

Alphabet Picture Matching Strips : Teaching Word Formation To Toddlers

Hi Moms

Today I will be sharing a learning activity object or alphabet tray which was gifted by one of my friends to may daughter and I really find this activity very useful for growing kids who are in play school and are learning basic alphabets and word formation.

About Alphabet Picture Matching Strips :

This is basically a tray of all the 26 alphabets and 26 objects related to those 26 alphabets like the letter A has a picture strip of an apple with it, letter B has the picture strip of ball along and like that.

This is a useful activity for kids between 2.5 -5 years.

The alphabet blocks are wooden and so are the picture strips. This is a unique way to make toddlers understand the letter and its association with the object. The idea of pictorial representation is what works here as toddlers gras what they see and then remember exactly when asked later about the object.

 Product Features-

  • These wooden blocks of letters and objects are really helpful for starting the kids to form  simple 3 letter words.
  • Keeps the child engaged for lot of time.
  • It is useful for kids between 2.5- 5 years. Younger ones may not find it very fascinating.
  • This learning activity is going to last for a good two years.
  • You can have simple stories about the objects  and animals that have been graphically represented on the wooden blocks.

Price– It was a gift

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My Experience with Alphabet Picture Matching Strips

My 2.5 year old daughter finds this alphabet tray quite interesting as she is fascinated by the block and colorful animals & objects that come along in this tray.

Although she needs my guidance and assistance in placing the right letters with the right pictures and objects as she is too young to form words on her own. So I usually guide her with what words we can come up with by placing the alphabets together.

The activity is quite engaging for toddlers as there are 26 alphabets & 26 objects related to that and toddlers really find it interesting to search for the desired object from the mix of letters and alphabets.

One can easily use this learning activity as a great idea to engross kids at a get together as 3-4 kids can easily play this learning game at one time and have fun building words with the letters.

What I like about Alphabet Picture Matching Strips?-

  • Wooden material strips & blocks
  • Objects used are new and not repeated
  • Very engaging activity for kids
  • Useful for 2.5-5 year kids

What I don’t like about Alphabet Picture Matching Strips?-

  • The tray is little heavy for 2.5 year old kids and they can lift or move it on their own

Rating– 4/5

Will I recommend? Well, surely yes because it is a nice activity game for toddlers and is useful for kids for a longer time and they can easily learn making simple & bigger words using this alphabet tray!

Have you tried this Alphabet Picture Matching Strips?


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