Artificial Baby Foods

Breastfeeding is the best food for your baby but at times it may not possible to feed the baby with breast milk. This might happen due to various reasons and extraneous and internal health factors. Even if you opt for an artificial baby food you can only resort to cow’s milk with water and sugar mixed in the right quantities. Let us see what kind of artificial foods you can feed your baby with.

Take two thirds of fresh cow’s milk. Mix some boiling water or thin barley water for the remaining one third of the mixture. A loaf of sugar which is enough to make it taste sweet will do. For the first six months you may follow this diet and after the six months you can add some farinaceous foods. Often, mothers may feed the baby with some thick gruel, pastes made of bread and biscuit crumbs assuming that this diet will be nourishing for the baby.

You must not do these. These are solid substances which cause indigestion and flatulence in the stomach of the baby which will lead to constant fretfulness. Then you will have to resort to giving the baby laxatives and purgatives which deteriorate the health of your baby. These medicines weaken the digestion systems even further causing indigestion due to repletion. The baby’s foods must be under the digestive powers of the tiny infant.

You must also get pure milk, not skimmed milk, with the right mixture of water. The milk must be fresh from the cow in which you must not mix sugar and water unless necessary. Prepare it fresh for every meal of your baby and the milk must not be heated with the help of fire. Mix the water when it is in a boiling state and the milk should be fed to the baby tepid or lukewarm.

Increase the proportion of milk slowly as the baby grows in age. This should be done after the second month where you can feed three parts of milk and one with water. If the health of the baby is positive, let it go as it is. Giving any other food is like going against nature which dictated only one type of food, that is, milk for the baby. If you bypass nature, your baby will be left to endure some health problems.

Milk is the only food for an infant and mother’s milk being breastfed is the only way of nourishing a baby. Transgressing from this law of nature is a risky thing. Keep your baby healthy with the perfect food of nature, that is, breast-milk.

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