Baby & Baby Bottle Warmer Review

Baby & Baby Bottle Warmer


Baby essentials are countless. Everything seems like a must have to make both mother’s and baby’s life easy.

Here is one such baby essential device; a bottle warmer.

I had bought this warmer in hurry. I had no much time to make a smart selection. It was like very urgent and just zeroed on whatever I could see at the nearby store.

But the hurried selection has proved to be of great help.

This bottle warmer has come so handy. It is useful even now at the age of past 3 years.

It comes with a measuring cup to pour water inside. When you switch on, the water will begin to heat and you can observe the steam escaping out which means the water is boiling. If you insert your baby’s feeding bottle filled with milk, it will take about 7-8 minutes to warm the milk.



No, it is not luke warm. But the milk is hot. Well, not boiling hot.

This device which easily warms the milk is a must carry item for us when we are travelling. Not just milk you can even warm water if needed.

This is not just bottle warmer. It is also a glass warmer off late for us :-P. Now that my daughter has quit using feeding bottle, I insert her glass of milk into the warmer, and yes, even metal glasses help in holding milk/water and makes them warm.

It hardly needs much power. There is a plug and switch for making the device function.

I have been using this warmer for about 2 years now. No complaints, no repair (so far. Touch wood. :-P).

A bottle warmer is a must when you are planning a trip with your baby or toddler.



Baby & Baby Bottle Warmer is very cheap in price. But it is not sophisticated like the chicoo or pigeon warmer. It does the warming up job perfectly. Most of those branded warmers cost over Rs.2000. But this ine comes at dirt cheap price if you compare with the other ones.

At just Rs.400 this is definitely worth everything, considering that it is till perfect after so many uses.

The brand also claims that this device also functions as a face steamer. There is a separate lid for using it as a steamer. I have not used it as a face steamer any time though.



Price: Rs. 400

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Baby & Baby Bottle Warmer?

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