Baby Beanies – The perfect toys for babies

Baby Beanies have been one of the most sought after toys ever since they came into being in 1994 introduced by Ty Warner. Baby Beanies or Beanie Baby owe their origins to Ty Warner. He gave the baby beanies more air and made it look real. He reduced the stuffing inside baby beanies to make it soft and comfortable to play with instead of the overstuffed baby beanies. He filled the baby beanies with half stuffing and half beans. That is how baby beanies got the name baby beanies.

Competitors said that baby beanies would lack longevity but baby beanies went on to live longer than expected. The first nine baby beanies made my Ty warner are called as ‘Original nine’ Baby Beanies. Cubbie the bear, Chocolate the moose, Flash the Dolphin, Legs the frog, Patti the Platypus, Pinchers the lobster, Splash the killer whale, Spot the dog and Squealer the pig were the nine baby beanies first made by Ty Warner.

Those who have the habit of collecting Baby Beanies named them as ‘Original nine’ and their price was less than $5 for each piece. Baby Beanies have a short lullaby which could be song to introduce it to the baby and they were written on a small red heart like tag which is placed near the ear of the toy. Out of all the baby beanies, the teddy bear were the most popular. The Baby Beanie family is huge with baby beanies of different colors.

Each Baby Beanie or teddy bear has a different name to follow the tradition of the baby beanies. Events are also commemorated with teddy bear baby beanies. The Fourth of July is a classic example of commemoration where teddy bear baby beanies are used. Cats, Dogs, Hippopotamuses and Pigs are some of the official baby beanies of animal shapes. These baby beanies are available in different colors, styles etc. to make them very appealing.

Official baby beanies have their own names, birthdays and poems and lullabies to introduce them to the babies and also to distinguish their personality. So many of the babies retired, new babies were born and several baby beanies were sold. Wholesale purchases of Baby Beanies were made as the value of baby beanies were expected to shoot up buy unfortunately the craze of baby beanies had died down after a period of time.

Despite all these, baby beanies still remain to be some of the most preferred toys as babies like softer toys. Babies can hug, lift and throw their baby beanies as they like. Different types of Baby Beanies are available for Babies and toddlers which you can gift to make them happy.

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