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The first 6mts of taking care of my baby has been a haze….especially the first 3months..I won’t say I’ve gotten into a schedule yet (I’ve realised the word ‘schedule’ gets thrown out the window the moment you push out your baby) but yes, I’m alot more used to the grind and am more composed than before and thought to compile a short post on how these months have been for me. I’ve noted down the points for each month and divided them as per how my baby fared and how I did (equally important don’t you think?)

Baby First Month Care

Undoubtedly the hardest stage of childcare since I knew zilch about babies..


  • Half the time forgot to brush my teeth (Doc the dentist will kill me for this) in the rush to get a bit of sleep and confort my baby
  • Battled Post Partum depression, the main reason being the inability to breastfeed.
  • Even felt jealous of my mom with whom my baby seemed more comfy (yes, I did feel this way and had a good crying marathon for this too!)
  • My stitches got a tiny bit of infection for which I was prescribed Betadine.


  • My baby was put on Farex formula for Low Birth weight (LBW)
  • We had a heck of a time on the first night in the hospital thanks to her 1st bout of colic.
  • She decided to scare us on a daily basis by screaming and holding her breath which meant that she went from red to blue. A friend of mine suggested to lightly blow on her face during this time to startle her into breathing normally again. Nevertheless it was scary.
  • She started getting constipated from Day 5 itself. We did everything from making her inhale hing, to applying a tiny bit around the belly to even placing mildly warmed beetel leaves with castor oil on her tummy. t did seem to help a tiny bit…until the next feed.
  • Tried to device new and innovative ways to protect her ears since she wailed like a banshee everytime we put a bonnet on her.
  • Started getting full fledged night-colic for the which the doctor prescribed Carmicide since Colic aid didn’t seem to help. Even with this we didn’t get much of a respite.
  • Another tips from the doctor was tokeep her upright and burp her for minimum 20mins after her feed. Apparently 1 burp doesn’t do the trick..Thee’s plenty more where that came from..
  • Switched from nappies to diapers round the clock since she pees about thrice in an hour and doesn’t get any sleep b’coz of this.

Baby Second Month Care

This was another horrifying month thanks to colic…30 sleepless nights spent singling’ “The Jhampak Japang Song” (the official IPL tune) since it seemed to be the only thing that could silence Pravi..and Oh! this had to be accompanied by me jumping in reality.. yea, motherhood’s not easy after all..


  • Stitches all healed.
  • Milk production fully stopped which also meant more crying ….from me that is  
  • Finally started to feel like my kid did like me after all.


  • Her colic shifted from night colic to evening colic…which meant incesstant crying from 7pm to 12midnight. The usual carmicide didn’t seem to help so was given a stronger dosage which did seem to help.
  • Pravi started to get mild rashes on her face and neck for which the Doc prescribed Eumosone which worked like magic!
  • Her weight touched 2.5kgs so we switched the Formula to Nan Pro which is lighter and most simlar to breast milk
  • Realised that Pravi hates to sleep. She’d sleep for an hour every 4hrs..Grrrrr….
  • My mom and I started taking up night shifts with her so we’d both get some sleep.
  • All babies have startle reflexes and so did Pravi…just that hers were way more than normal which is genetic on my Hubs side.
  • Developed the habit of falling asleep only on my chest.

Baby 3rd Month Care:-


  • Moved back to my place and super nervous to do so.
  • Started getting into a routine
  • Made Hubs promise to take up night duty (you do the crime, you do the time )


  • Continued to have colic daily but the meds helped alot!
  • Continued to sleep on my chest
  • Her screaming volume increased and I finally resorted to using pacifiers. God Bless whomsoever invented them!
  • Increased intake of milk
  • Her feed frequency increased from every 2hrs to every 3hrs.


Baby 4th Month Care:-


  • The depression wrt breastfeeding has almost 100% subsided but replaced with another frustration of feeling cooped up at home. Staying at home and not working just aint me! I’d been feeling like I’d forgotten how to converse with adults altogether!
  • Decided to train Pravi to sleep on the bed instead of on me since I started getting horrid pains in my lower tummy.


  • Pravis startle reflexes reduced to nil
  • She turned over for the first time.
  • Her colic episodes reduced t thrice a week or so.. (Yippiieee)
  • Feed frequency changed to every 4hrs.
  • Got her ears pierced. She cried for precisely 1min when her second ear was pierced.
  • Introduced water to her…she hates it! Screws up her tiny face and gives me a disgusted look

Baby 5th Month Care:-


Finally decided that I’m not going to be one of those moms who let themselves go after their kids and then later blame them for a lack of friends or social life. Decided to enjoy every weekend and weekday if given the opportunity. So for any function over the weekday I’d just pick up Pravi and go out! The opportunity to dress up both my baby girl and myself was very theraputic! Hubs was amazing and makes it a point to take me out and keep me entertained


  • Introduced Rice (which she hated), Dal( which she likes), Apples & bananas (shes a fruit lover like her momma)
  • Still detests water
  • Started playing wid rattles.
  • I discovered her fascination with her father which makes me jealous! She rolls (yes rolls) towards him, but for me the max she does is turn..Humph!!
  • Finally she fits into clothes meant for the 3 to 6mts age bracket.
  • Started teething. The doc says its relatively early and the pain comes and goes so no need of any medication right now since the actual crowning may happen only when shes 8 or 9mts. So apart from giving her a teether and cuddling her when these pain waves come on, there’s nothing much we can do.

Baby 6th Month Care:-


Had to travel to Nagpur. Had my first train journey with my baby and her first flight on the way back. while the train journey was fun for her and not so good with me,the flight back was a curse! I cannot begin to explain how my eardrums were tested. Let’s just say I’m dreading my next flight experience.


  • Yesss! She finally likes water! Looks like my patience won…
  • Started giving her Ragi and Rusk as well.
  • The doc says she’s underweight but height is good and she’s super active so not to worry.
  • My baby wore a ghagra choli for the first time!
  • She’s started her baby blabber and tries to crawl. She hasnt grasped that she needs her upper body to crawl but pushes up her tiny tush and pushes ahead anyways..
  • Still cries while we try dress her up.
  • Has decided to cry during bath time until and unless I sing for her.
  • Has developed a cognizance towards food. So when we eat, she slaps her hand in our plates and opens her mouth! Tiring it is I tell you…

These 6mts have been the longest and yet the shortest ever..I can’t believe my baby is 6mts already! Another 6mts and she’ll be a year old..feels surreal in a way…

I’ll be back soon with the next account of my Baby Chronicles. Pls do share your monthly experiences with us as well. Write in to us at

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