Baby Coil Crib Mattresses

Baby beds are very important for the health and comfort of the baby where the baby can sleep peacefully and that is where the baby spends most of its time in its infancy. The best crib mattress could be the coil baby mattress. You can opt for a good quality mattress or even mattresses of lesser quality. Foam mattress is the other type of mattress that is also popular as a coil crib mattress.

Buying a coil mattress requires you to consider a few things before buying the coil crib mattress of best quality. A coil baby mattress is made up of various layers. The coil layer is covered by the padding layer which distinguishes itself from the softer layer.

The Cushion Layer

Make sure that the cushion layer is soft enough to let the baby sleep comfortably but it must not be too soft to let the baby feel suffocated enough by sinking. This way the cushion layer becomes the most important layer which must be softer but not too soft. It is said that babies have died by the softer mattresses suffering SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) due to inhaling the same carbon dioxide that it exhales.

The Padding Layer

The padding layer covers the softer cushion layer through which the metal strings are separated from the cushion layer. You must also be aware of the material in which the padding layer is made. Coir Fiber comes from the shell of the coconut. This type of fiber is water resistant. They might cost you a few more bucks but then coir fiber turns out to be the best of materials for the padding layer.

Fiber wrap is widely used in the padding layer. The fiber wrap is a kind of pad which is made from the scraps of other material and they are pressed into a pad. Fiber wraps are not the best and hence they are bound to break so easily and might form lumps in the mattress.

The Coils

The coil layer of a mattress is the one that supports the mattress with springs and steel. The support that the mattress provides to the baby will depend upon the number of springs used and also the thickness of the steel. As many as 150 springs must be used but proper support need not come from the excess springs which may or may not be used. It is also because the measure of the steel is also important.

Alongside the number of springs used, the gauge of the steel is also important for the support provided by the mattress. You can check the firmness, the cushion and the support provided by the mattresses by pressing down on the mattress.

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