Baby Development During Pregnancy… What Really To Expect

In plain terms… baby development during pregnancy is a series of events over 9 months that eventually lead to delivery of a beautiful baby.

Pregnancy is surely THE most memorable event in a woman’s life. And the story of the baby developing in her womb is probably the nature’s greatest gift to mankind. Pregnancy is itself a noteworthy chapter in the woman’s life, whose pages pass through a series of remarkable events and exceptional activities.

What follows is a brief overview of your baby’s development

Of course, the story of pregnancy starts right at the conception stage, when a simple sperm successfully fertilizes a fertile egg within the confines of the womb.

Once an egg is fertilized by a highly motile sperm, the fertilized egg starts dividing at a very quick pace – all the while passing through its path from the Fallopian tube deep down into the warm ambience of uterus.

The first step
The first real step of baby development during pregnancy is the creation of a tight bundle of active cells, that slowly implants itself onto the rigid walls of uterus. Once embedded onto the walls of the uterus, this bundle of cells starts developing and growing into a foetus.

After 21 days
After a slow, yet sure start and just after twenty-one days, this bundle of cells transforms itself as an embryo. At this tender stage, the first beats of heart will begin to show! The tiny little embryo becomes strong enough to develop a tiny head with an equally elemental brain. At this critical juncture and soon after fourth week, you can also see small appendages that will become future arms and legs!

Second month
The second month of development is perhaps the most noteworthy. It’s the first sign of the nose, eyes and ears showing up. It is also so exciting to watch those gentle swaying movement of head, body and tiny little limbs! Your baby will start showing her reflexes to gentle external stimulations. This stage is also called the embryo’s first real exposure to the external world!

Third to eighth weeks
Also considered the most critical stage of pregnancy, the time interval between the third and eighth weeks is characterized by formation of your baby’s physical outlines, and also the development of crucial internal body organs.

At this stage your baby will become stronger, starts moving with steady but sure movements, and starts experiencing the sensation of smell.

Second trimester of pregnancy is also a key time interval, when the organs like nose, eyes, ears and limbs will be completely formed. The head portion seems to develop more strongly than the other parts. The eyes become very sensitive to the rays of light, while the ears develop the capacity of listening to tiny sounds.

At the end of the fourth month, your baby will be quite active with her limbs. This is usually the time when she starts to slowly kick her limbs against your uterus walls. She is more agile than ever and this agility could be perceived by her swimming movement within the womb. One of the extraordinary events during pregnancy is your baby’s natural ability to listen to the amplitudes of different sounds. Smooth music-like sounds soother your baby’s senses, while strong and strident sound notes startle her!

Baby Development During Pregnancy at 7 months

7th Month’s development during pregnancy is marked by development of her nervous system. This development period happen together with a partial control of her respiratory functions and body temperature. Her muscle movements becomes stronger and well defined, while her eye sight also becomes sharper and stronger. By the end of this crucial month, your baby develops a strong sight, and she can even react very sharply to varying light intensities.

Baby Development During Pregnancy at 8 months

By the 8th month, your baby becomes self sufficient in regulating her bodily functions, with a sturdier body mass and an efficient internal organ system.

Baby Development During Pregnancy at 9 months

The 9th month of pregnancy is yet another crucial event. Your body gets itself ready to deliver that pretty and beautiful baby to the outside world. In the meantime, your baby undergoes a wonderful transformation by developing all the required organs, as well as circulatory and nervous system. Hormonal creation will stabilize, while the digestive system will also streamline itself as an efficient organ.

At long last, by the end of the 9th month, you’ll also be ready to deliver your bunch of joy!

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