Baby First Birthday Party Games Ideas

I had never attended any kids birthday party and this was the first time I got the chance to organize a birthday party. Initially I had no idea how to go about it . I thought arranging  food and getting dressed up will be the most important thing and nothing much is needed if you are hosting a party in a nice hotel. Nothing could be far from truth.

Whether you host the party in your house or hotel, one definitely needs to have some interesting  idea for kids to keep them occupied .This way even their parents do get some time for themselves and get to enjoy the party.

I searched and discussed many games and listing down some which really worked well in the party and kids of all age and group enjoyed it.

The games below you see is a simple STRAW GAME  where the game organizer throws lot of straws down and kids have to collect them.The one who collects the most gets a prize.

2) Bubble Game – We all love bubbles and so do the kids.One can hand out the plastic cups to kids and blow out bubbles.You have to challenge them to catch as many bubbles as they can.You have to keep a check who catch the maximum .Even if no one catches the bubbles they will be happy to simply play with the bubbles

3 .) We appointed some one to do this but if its a small get birthday party, dad can take this responsibility or some one who has decent drawing skills. There are temporary colours available in the market for this .

4) Tug Of War – This game was really enjoyed by everyone in the party.In this you need a long rope and a bandana/hankerchief to mark the center. Divide the team into two.Try to keep the weaker players in the middle and stronger ones at the end. When you say “Go” everyone starts pulling as hard as they can until on team crumbles and they are pulled across the line.It’s a game which goes on for long and keeps everyone occupied and entertained.

5) Mummy Wrap – Divide the kids into two groups and pick any adult as the mummy. You have to pass out rolls of toilet paper to each groups and whoever wraps their Mummy first wins.

6) I don’t know what we call this game but this too is quite a popular one where the organiser calls out a particular product and kids have to run and get it . Whosoever gets its first gets a prize.You can ask the kids to get a lipstick, Rs20 or a dollar, handkerchief, a spoon etc.

One can even keep the adult involved where you can create a quiz. This game is to find out who knows your child best or who is closest to your child.

Some  of the questions like  – Where was the baby born, How many teeth she has , What all words can he/she speak etc but this can be played only with those who are close to the family.

Second game is the musical chair which we all are aware of. You need a big room for it otherwise it might get congested so organise keeping this in mind.

There are many interesting party games ideas just time your self and  plan them accordingly.Make sure games don’t get heated up.

If you have some interesting party games ideas then let us know in the comment section .It will be fun


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