Baby First Birthday Return Gift Idea

Hi everyone!

At last after many many hours of discussions and research, we finally got our return gifts finalized and they have reached our home too:) So let me tell you what we were looking for and what I found and how we decided on the return gift.

Return gifts are important because now-a-days kids expect gifts when they go to birthday parties other than the zillion things .I asked our facebook group girls and some of them gave really interesting ideas for return gifts.

If there are some 20-25 kids coming up, then giving lunch box or water bottle is an ideal gift (of course if you’re not considering giving away iPhones to everyone :P). There are some sites also in India which keep exclusive return gifts items which is kind of nice and convenient.

A  reader suggested a photo mug as the return gift but few of my friends tarnished the idea saying that no body is interested in serving mug to someone else who has your kid’s photo on it. They had a valid point. If you are reading this then you know me a bit and if I give you my a mug with my baby’s photo, I am sure you won’t be that much excited about it unless you are a close relative. So this idea too was cancelled.

Picnic bags, Wallets designs, watches, small umbrellas were all great suggestions but when you are not sure how many girls or boys are coming into the party it doesn’t make sense getting all these things. Moreover if there is lot of age difference then also it doesn’t make sense getting all these things. Either you are dead sure who is coming and the gender ratio then you can go ahead with these.

I really liked the photo frame idea where a photographer will take picture of every guest +  family  and when they leave, we hand over the pic to them. I contacted a photo lab and as per them each photo frame will cost around INR 400 and they will set up a mini studio and will require assistant as well. Also, minimum photos should be 100 .When a family arrives they will get 2-3 pic clicked so per family if I take 2 pictures the average it would have come to INR 800 which was really out of our budget.

One of my friends Yuvika suggested a real plant sampling which is a  my kind of idea but in India  I am sure my relatives would have said “gamla” gift kar diya .So i skipped this out too.

At last what suited me was giving chocolate gift packaging .I just loved the idea and following are the reasons for it –

Firstly! Everyone loves chocolate.Be it kids or adults, most of them simply love chocolate.

Secondly,Packaging makes the gift look regal.

Thirdly, It was in my budget

We have a gathering of around 150 people and 50 families are expected to come. These costed us INR 400 each and every family will get only one. I don’t think so they will ask for another There are 26 chocolates in each gift pack.

There were some other options in chocolate too which started from INR 100 and so and are pretty cheap as well. But I took it from some one who is a whole sale dealer.If you are in or around Delhi NCR then you can contact me and I can give you her number.

Look at the packaging ..Isn’t  just too cute and yes goes with the theme of the party. Pink :).These chocolates have a sturdy packaging and  they remain fresh for six months

What do you think is an ideal birthday party return gift ?

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