Baby First Brush Review – Little’s Oral Care Brush

 Now that my baby has a little bottom tooth coming up there is one more product addition  in her daily routine which surprisingly is quite an enjoyable process for my baby as well.Thankfully she  started teething  quite late (she is 10 months old) mostly babies starts teething when they are six or seven months old but late teething turns out to be a boon to parents.Reason is that by 11 month child starts sleeping for long hours at night .Imagining a teething and irritated child at six months of age will give lot of sleepless nights which I didn’t have to go through.

This brush is available in the name of  Little’s Oral Care Brush  and costs just INR 40.One can use it to clean baby’s tongue, teeth and gums.

As this brush is adjustable it gives my finger a lot of control and with its help I can reach corners of her  mouth easily.It’s soft and gentle and gives good massage to her teeth. I haven’t started using any tooth paste as she is too young to understand what spitting is. My purpose of doing this is to give nice clean up to  her teeth and gums and get her into the habit of cleaning her teeth twice a day. I must admit that I have not been regular with it may be with time when I see more teeth coming up I will set up a regular routine.

Coming to limitations of this brush

1) It needs to be sterlised everyday, so the day I forget sterlising it just skips out of my mind I have to skip brushing her teeth.

2)It doesn’t come in a container.That is such a bummer .To maintain the hygiene I either keep it in my sterliser or put it in a cup in my fridge.

Recommendation – It’s not bad trying it out till your baby is ready for a better brush.It’s good for teething baby as well. Only thing which I detest is the maintenance part of it .

Let me know if you are using some better product then this one.

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