Baby Food: Oats and Apple Pie Recipe

We all are aware of the health benefits of oats but my little 19 months old daughter doesn’t! Oats are whole grain packed with soluble fibre, B vitamins and many minerals. Also, plain oats doesn’t tastes delicious so i had to do some twist in it for her.

Usually oats can be given to baby after 6 months of age. The basic oatmeal porridge is prepared by boiling oats with either water or milk to form a smooth texture but here i have added a little flavour of apple and cinnamon for my baby.


  • 1 spoon full of oats powder
  • 1 cup milk ( since my daughter is 1 year + i give her full fat cow milk)
  • Half an apple puree
  • 1 spoon honey
  • A pinch or two cinnamon powder


Oh, my daughter loves apple so so much that the moment i take out an apple to cut, she runs behind me and nags continuously till i give a slice of apple to her! Till she is biting her gums in the apple slice i get the time to cook here!

Ok so let’s start, take an apple, peel, remove the core and slice it. Steam or pressure cook it, and make a puree. Usually for just half of an apple, i do not take out the blender. I take it in a sieve and mash it with a spoon and what i get is smooth puree instantly. In the pic below, again my little one’s tiny fingers have grabbed the bowl. She had finished her apple slice and now wants the puree!

Oats can be ground in a coffee grinder or a food processor. I have previously ground 2-3 cup of oats and stored in an air tight container.

Take 1 spoon of oats powder in a pan, dry roast it for 1-2 min. Add a cup of milk and a spoon of sugar (some people also add water, but i believe oats in milk tastes better) and let it cook in low flame with constant stirring till it gets thickened and the oats are cooked. Some people do not want to give chemically processed sugar to their babies, then you can add honey at the time of serving.

Mix the apple puree in it, sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder in it. Again i have powdered dry roasted cinnamon for quick use.

For additional nutritional value i added a spoon of almond powder, and it is ready to serve. (optional: for a variation instead of cinnamon, nutmeg powder too can be used, both are toddler friendly spices)

Do you have any more home made baby food recipe ideas? Please share.

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