Baby Games Shower Games – Part II

The Baby Game shower is an important occasion to make the mother happy and have a good delivery of the baby. There are more and more Baby Games Showers and some are traditionally played and new games are also found. But traditional games are simple and have been played time immemorial. Here are four more games for the baby game shower to bless the moms-to-be and make them happy. The Seventh Gift, Dig out of the Pins, Don’t say Baby, Baby Truth or Dare.

Don’t Say Baby
You must not say what you are into. Don’t Say Baby is a game where you are required to not say ‘baby’ during the entire baby game shower. You will be given diaper pins which will be given to you as you arrive. They will be taken away from you as you utter the words ‘Baby’. The one who has the most number of diaper pins collected at the end of the baby game shower becomes the winner.

Baby Truth or Dare
You do know some trivia on babies and you get to write some trivia that you have known yourself about babies. Write some correct trivia and write some purposely incorrect. Then, ask the guests randomly if the baby trivia written are true or false. Correct guesses win prizes and those who don’t guess it right will be asked to perform something in front of everyone.

The Seventh Gift
The singly lady who catches the bride’s wedding bouquet when thrown is believed to be the next bride to whom wedding bells will ring. This is widely known. The Seventh Gift is not much of a baby game shower but it is a fable which says the giver of The Seventh Gift which remains unwrapped will become the next mother. And you cannot put the gift secretly as The Seventh Gift.

Dig Out the Pins
You could have seen this type of game in most of the Television Game Shows where you are expected to fish out something amidst heaps of other things. In this baby game shower, you test the agility of your guests as they find out the most number of diaper pins from heaps of raw rice filled up in a bowl. The guest with the most number of pins wins the prize.

Babies are a form of celebration and welcoming a baby with celebrations such as ‘Baby Game Shower’ makes the birth of the baby even more auspicious.

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