Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books) Review

Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books) Review

Hello Mommies,

Today I am going to share an interesting Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 books) which is really amazing as my toddler daughter is enjoying these books very much and there is so much to learn from these books.

About  Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books)

This is  a book set comprising three books which focus on teaching different basics, essential for toddler learning. The three books are-

  • Baby Touch Colors-It mainly makes the toddlers understand different colors easily with the help of animal shapes or objects like flowers etc.
  • Baby Touch Numbers– This book comprises of numbers till 5 and each number depicts the respective objects like birds, butterflies as toddler learn these things very easily.
  • Baby Touch Words– This book has all the new words which toddlers need to know. They are easy to understand through the pictures, which makes it one of the best books for initial learning experiences.

Price– Around 600/- from Flipkart here

Special Features–

These are basically hard cover books and are specially manufactured keeping in mind that these don’t hurt the body parts or eyes of the toddlers. The corners are round, making them safe for the baby to use in early days itself.

The interesting color coded pages and objects are attractive for the baby’s eyes and they tend to find these books really interesting.

My Experience with Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books)-

So far, I am really happy that I got this book set for my 27 month old daughter. It is not like I pressurized her to read these books, it just  that she liked them herself and still keeps going through the pages once in a while. Well, do make sure not to give any pen or sketch, as toddlers may just spoil pages with the pen

It makes me really proud that she has learnt all the words of the Baby Touch Word book and can instantly recognize the objects likes teddy, daddy etc. Also the depiction of the numbers in form of animals made her learn & recognize different animals too.

The color book is specially designed by choosing various shades of different colors so that toddlers learn to differentiate between colors and also know the color of each object depicted in these books.

Although, I think that the number book could have been more useful, if it had counting more than 5. But still the page layout and sparkling objects like fishes, birds make them really interesting for the toddler’s interest.

However, I feel if your kid is well versed with these basic things like animal recognition, counting basics, or colors then in that case there is no such usefulness of this book. Because they would want to go further and learn some other words or numbers.

What I like about  Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books)-

  • Hard cover pages
  • Interesting colored pages
  • Round corners for safety
  • Easy to understand
  • Develops Color Recognition in kids
  • Suitable for learning counting basics
  • Economically priced

What I don’t like about  Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books)-

  • The Number book could have been better with numbers up to 10


Will I recommend?–

Yes, this book is great for kids between 1 to 3 years. So, gift your toddler a unique book set, to enable them learn the basics of colors, words & counting.

Have you tried Baby Touch Book (Set of 3 Books)?


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