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A baby walker has been a controversial thing  where most pediatricians discourage  using walker nowadays. As per them, babies who use a walker may actually start walking a month later than those who don’t.

I was not keen on buying walker because of all sorts of things which I read on the net about it, but when my in laws gifted it to me I thought of trying it out I worked for me and this is why I thought of penning down my experience.

When babies learn to sit and crawl (around 6-7 months), they want to be mobile and to reach out all the things and go here and there. Mee Mee baby walker worked quite well for my daughter. Once she was into it she use to literally enjoy, laugh and smile while walking in it.



Whenever I was alone at home and had to go to washroom, I couldn’t keep her into the cot as she would start crying . With the helper this problem got solved. I used to put her in the walker and take her near the loo, finish my task asap and come back. I did my kitchen work in similar fashion. She used to enjoy the music in the walker and I was tension free as she was safe, right in front of me , enjoying herself in the walker without getting frustrated and wanting me to make her stand.

My daughter used it for about 3 months and then learnt to walk so wasn’t much interested in it later, but till that time  I never faced any kind of safety issue. I think walker is great for those whose child, as per them, is taking time in walking.




Few things which I kept in mind while using walker are

1) Whenever you are using walker don’t keep your baby for too long in it. I kept her for a maximum of 20 minutes as it might make the baby feel tired while standing, and pro long standing may result in baby being bow legged.

2) Don’t leave your baby un-attended in it at-all for even 1 minute, and try to keep her away from the staircase .

3) Buy good quality branded walkers as they have good braking mechanism which prevents the walker from falling down stairs or other drops.

4) Buy walkers whose height can be adjusted otherwise it won’t be of any use after one or two months.



Will I recommend Baby Walker – I do recommend Mee Mee  Baby walker.It’s great for those who live in a nuclear family with their babies. If you live in joint family and have supportive in laws then you may not need this.

Mee Mee walker is safe, not that expensive and easily available online  so call is all yours

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Have you tried Baby walker? How was your experience like?


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