Baby’s First Year Milestones You Should Know

Baby’s First Year Milestones You Should Know

Well, if you are reading this probably your little one is near to celebrate his/her first birthday or you are still going through the initial months of motherhood. In any case, it is always a special journey throughout! For most mothers when you ask the to explain the first year with the baby, it all becomes so overwhelming wit the thoughts of being a mother with changing responsibilities, re-discovering yourself and what no! And by the time the first year is over, you will think of the important milestones to be life long memories!

If you are someone set to become a new parent in a few weeks, I would surely say to have a look at the important first year milestones a baby has which you might feel like it lasted just a few seconds and poof! Gone!

Upto 3 Months

These 3 months are somewhat the most dynamic times a mother and a newborn go through! Both of them are adjusting to the new arrangement. The new born basically pays heed to everything associated with their mother. Their scent, their voice and presence seems to affect the baby tremendously. The newborn sleeps for the maximum time during the day and night. They can communicate with the eyes & random sounds! Also they cry for communicating!

3 To 6 Months

Well, the other set of 3 months are a bit more relaxed and easy going but now the baby practically needs you more as now there are other things apart from sleeping & feeding! The baby starts to develop initial teeth from the 4th month itself and though head holding is still to follow, they start sitting with physical help!

They start developing motor skills as well at this milestone. They can usually use their arms and legs a lot to make movements. Also they start following objects or instructions as well! As the 6th month approaches, the baby has the first taste of solid foods and also develops the head holding capacity and is able to sit on their own without tumbling!

6 To 9 Months

Well, now the baby is literally independent in terms of everyday life. They can sit still when you place them anywhere safe ! They might even start flipping! And that is when the baby realizes that they are a different entity and experience separation anxiety!

The sleeping patterns are much improved as they can sleep through the night with one or two feeds only! Another important characteristic is that they start recognizing familiar faces and may react to the familiar sounds which is a pleasant experience for all the new parents!

Also they start muttering words and understand colorful objects and are constantly intrigued to do something or the other!

9 To 12 Months

So finally with the last three months when the baby is about to become 1, there are a set of changes happening in their body! Thoroughly interested in eating solids, soups, puree and lumpy food by they turn 9-10 months. They also start behaving according to their routine like when they are being massaged its bath time, after few hours it is time for the evening stroll by the park and likewise bedtime means dim lights, warm bath & a milk bottle for them!

They usually start the urge to feed with their own hands however messy that might become!

Now by the 11 month, they start crawling and try to stand up with assistance from objects. Also you can say any nonsense word to them and they find it extremely funny! They are mostly cheerful during this age and would like to explore the entire area where you have made them sit!

This is one of the best time to start reading to them with bedtime stories or conversation during the evening stroll as they tend to understand things and it will sharpen their memory as well.

I hope you find these milestones really familiar to your young one!

Also these are not much accurate actions and can differ from one baby to another. It largely depends on the baby’s surrounding, family structure and many more things happening in everyday life! The baby picks all these things from their home only by observing!

What were your baby’s most important milestones in the first year?

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