Baho Chic Doll!

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I did a look post of my baby doll who I simply love to dress up. It would have been little more easy to take these pictures if she would have stayed few more seconds on a place where lighting is decent enough.

Coming to the dress this is from Baby Q and was gifted by one of our relatives. I liked the long red bright skirt which is quite a usual change from all the shorts which I make her wear all the time.



I took her out in this dress in one of the park near by and everybody asked me where I got it from. It’s plain, simple and bright which makes it little different from usual pink  and other safe colours which I  make her wear most of the time. How I wish she would allow me to keep her hair bandfor a little while.May be some day



It’s an every day no fuss dress which gives her this Boho chic look .I don’t know where we can get this brand online but if I get to know of it I will definitely let you people know.

Have a great day ahead


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