Bathing and Sponging your Baby to Maintain Cleanliness

Not only feeding, nursing and nurturing your baby are important but also cleanliness plays a major role in maintaining the health of your baby. Baby’s cleanliness must be taken care of in so many ways. Bathing is of course one of them but you have a whole lot of other things to do to keep your baby healthy and clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a popular saying which has to go right to make the health of your baby better.

Washing and bathing the baby everyday is not a good idea for it will cause a lot of diseases including susceptibility to catching cold. The baby needs to be clean but you can simply sponge the baby with tepid or lukewarm water. Bathing the baby in the evening must also happen with warm water. After the passage of a few months, you can gradually lower the temperature of the water until you use cold water with which you can sponge the baby in the summer mornings.

Cold water can depress the vital energies, if done over a period of time, and will prevent the healthy glow on the surface. In some babies, there is extreme delicacy with less reaction to cold bath being hazardous with no warm glow on the surface when it is sure to cause harm. The effects of this must be carefully noted. Use the flannel and rub the surface dry to keep the skin warm and stimulated.

Do not do the washing and drying of babies in a languid manner but you must do so in a brisk and quick manner. The arm-pits, the groins and the bottoms must be dried with these parts being powdered. You will prevent sores and cold sores from forming on the surface. You may apply soap to the parts where there is reception of dirt.

When the baby grows, bathing is not regularity as it was before. The hands and face are washed but bathing is left off. Ablution of the whole body of the growing baby is very important not only to keep the baby clean but also to improve the health of the baby. Babies with robust constitution that have turned children as you have watched them grow must be put into immediate bath after being awaken.

If he gets excited too much, sponge him from top to bottom with salt water. Keep the water tepid when the temperature is very cold. If his constitution bears the cold, use cold water and dry him immediately with a coarse towel and dress him up as soon as possible. Follow this routine every morning as long as he is a child.

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