Bathing your Child

You cannot keep sponging your child as he grows up like you were doing when he was a baby though you may have to sponge your child in some cases. Keeping the child clean will cultivate clean habits and letting him enjoy the pleasures of bathing will lead to regularity in bathing. Some playful children do not take bath and some are averse to bathing. You can make them enjoy bathing and subject them to bathing each and every day without fail. If you are by the sea-side, take advantage and let him take a sea bath.

If the constitution of your child is good enough to bear cold, subject him to sea bathing. Finish his breakfast and after two to three hours from breakfast, take him out on to the sea and bath him. Do not let him gain fatigue before going to the sea. You must take precautions to not let him remain too long in the sea as if the animal heat gets lowered, it will turn injurious for the child. If the constitution of the boy is weak, great mischief can be produced.

Make sure that your kids are not petrified by the immersion and take all necessary precautions to avoid this. You can teach swimming as early as possible to boys who have developed a healthy constitution. Whenever you get an opportunity to subject him to the practice, do not miss out as swimming is one of the most beneficial acts. If the constitution of the child is delicate and strumous; the best tonic for your child is to let him take cold bath during summer.

Sea bathing is the most beneficial though you have to make sure that there are no bad consequences with proper care on the constitution of the child. If the health, glow and appetite are increasing, it is a positive sign but if it is not, subject him to the tepid bath. It is a myth to believe that warm bath makes the child lazy. In fact, warm baths can give tone and vigor to the whole body of the child.

The tepid bath suits the child with a weaker constitution, whereas, the cold bath suits the child with a robust constitution. If you cannot figure that out, then do the coldwater sponging every day as long as you find proper reaction. If the constitution of the child is too delicate in cold weather, use tepid vinegar and water or tepid salt water. This will do all the good for the growth of a healthy constitution of the baby.

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