Beddy Nest- Baby and Child Mattress Review

Beddy Nest- Baby and Child Mattress Review

As parents, we always look out for what’s the best for our child right from the beginning. And it really feels good when brands come forward with some amazing innovative products which we had no access to, a few years back. I mean look at the range of baby and child care products which you have around these days makes the beautiful journey of motherhood so much enjoyable and a smooth ride for all the new parents.

My daughter is grown up now and all I think is how to keep her healthy, instill good eating habits, be physically active and make it a part of the lifestyle right from the beginning. I want to raise her to be a strong independent person in the coming days.

Talking about certain habits, I have seen so many kids having sleeping troubles and which makes them turn cranky the next morning and you need a lot of patience to deal with that as they are tired and not at all in the mood to do things the right way.

So when I heard of Beddy Mattress, from the house of Centuary Mattresses which is leading name in its field, I was really interested to try the product range as they specialize in Baby and Child mattresses which is something every parent should consider checking out before building a nursery for their baby.

I am sure you must have felt at some point in life, how sleeping on a bad mattress could ruin your entire day with body aches all through the night just because you were not comfortable on the mattress.

Taking cue from that the infants & young kids are even more delicate so choosing what is right for them becomes extremely important.

I received a mattress for my daughter namely Beddy Nest. And I am really amazed by the quality and the feel.

About Beddy Nest

Beddy Nest is made of natural core materials that are certified by Oeko-Tex- (an independent testing German laboratory) to be 100% free from harmful chemicals. Natural Latex foam and Rubberized Coir are natural, resilient and breathable materials, that are widely considered the best materials for children mattresses world over. Keeping the child’s needs in mind, the mattress comes with 2 covers, with the outer zipped cover being waterproof and washable. Also, all Beddy mattresses can be customized to the customer’s need.

Advantages of Beddy Nest:


There are four sizes of mattresses available for infants and children and you can totally pick out from these depending on your need.

If you have a toddler you can pick the Cradle size and for grown up kids, pick a Cot size of mattress.


 The Beddy Nest range is priced between INR 2999 to INR 8999. (Depending on the size of the mattress)

My Thoughts about Beddy Nest Mattress

As we all know how babies sleep most part of the day and why it is important for them to sleep peacefully as most of their development occurs during sleep so you are the one to make sure they sleep un-interrupted. Most part of the brain develops during this time so you know how important it is for an infant so that they don’t face any intellectual issues. Their height too largely depends on how comfortably they sleep.

 I already mentioned how important it is for your child to have a good night’s sleep and with a great mattress that is surely not an issue. Moreover sleeping has always been known to be therapeutic, be it kids or adults.

The mattress is made of natural materials which are totally hygienic and so your child’s sensitive skin will have no issues.

The mattress is made with quality material which is breathable so whatever the climate is, it doesn’t affect the comfort for the child.

A mattress is really an important aspect in rejuvenating your child’s well being through a sound sleep to re-fresh them again after a day full of activities.

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