Benefit Of Playing With A Tea Set With Your Toddler

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I hope you liked the post on Developing helping skills for toddlers where I reviewed a toy set of home appliances and basic cleaning tools. The motive to introduce these toys to my daughter was only to give an early understanding of the importance of cleaning habits at home so that toddlers develop these good habits at a tender age and implement in their later lives.

Today’s post is about a Tea Set which I got for my daughter on her insistence at a shopping mall! Well, the tea set is really good  & adorable and I find it so cute when she tells me that she will pour in tea for me in her cup and offer to me!

Important features-

  • Helps kids learn a new experience
  • They learn to handle real household tea sets carefully
  • Develop a habit of lending a helping hand at times
  • A great time spending & engaging activity for toddlers mainly girl child.

Playing a Tea set with a toddler-

These household sets are also used by us in our daily lives (obviously not the toy ones :-p) which are made of brittle glass or bone china. So making toddler play with this kind of set is in a way very useful for them, as they know to handle these things in a proper way from quite early.

It is not that I am going to make my daughter do all these stuff when she grows up, but yes I do want that she knows these things and learn the etiquettes of  how to hold or serve tea set & cups.

My experience of Playing with a Tea set-

My daughter is all smiles whenever I ask her to bring her tea set. She really likes arranging the tea set perfectly and offering me  (imaginary tea) in her cup & saucer set

I really find the tea set appealing for toddlers as it is not made of those cheap plastic material but has a good material. The tea set has all the pieces of a real tea set we have at home so she is extremely happy to own an exclusive tea set which mommie dearest will never take it from her on the grounds that it may slip from her hand & shatter into pieces.

Overall, it is a great  & useful activity for baby girls! They also tend to offer helping hands when you are serving in a real tea set but that is certainly not recommendable as the weight of the real tea set is far more than the plastic ones! :-p . So, do that at your own risk!!

Have tried playing with a tea set with your child?

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