Benefits of Post Natal Massage

 The much needed attention to the aching and tired body of a new mother can be fulfilled by a oil massage followed by hot shower.

A woman’s body undergoes lot of changes during pregnancy and likewise more changes after delivery too. Daily oil massaging routine for a new mother has been followed for over generations and in all part of the world. This massaging is believed to strengthen the new mother body.

I am listing down the benefit of Post Natal Massage:-

  • Relaxes the aching muscles. A mother soon after delivery has a great responsibility which she was never introduced to before. Along with the tired body, the responsibility of the new born too add up. A gentle oil massage of the whole body helps maintain the stability.
  • The massage strokes and pushes helps regain the skin elasticity. It would help tighten the loosened skin of the stomach.
  • Massaging also increases blood circulation and speeds up the recovery.
  • Oil massaging also helps soothe any skin infections, sores and itching.
  • A new mother is mentally and physically weak for a few weeks after delivery. Massaging gives the all peace both the body and mind needs. The body cramps, muscle tensions and other strained pains all gets an ease.
  • The scar (in case of c section) also gets lightened.
  • A breast massage helps in opening a blocked duct and loosening lumps. The massage also helps in ejection of breast milk, which will eventually help in breast feeding the baby.
  • A new mother has high risks of suffering from depression. Massaging is the best stress buster and prevents being depressed to a great extent.

When to stop post natal body massage:

  • In the case of c-section delivery, if the wound is still not healed enough, then it would be best to  wait until the wound heals.
  • If you observe heavy blood flow, then immediately stop body massaging sessions.
  • If there are any other medical complications, it is best to follow the doctor’s say about massaging.
  • It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before starting with post natal massages.

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One of the popular massage oil is VLCC Shape Up Mom’s Post Natal Oil  which is available on Purplle

If you know any other Post Natal oil then do let us know in the comment section

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