Bento Lunch Boxes India Review & Suggestions

Bento Lunch Boxes India Review & Suggestions

Bento lunch boxes are quite famous abroad but you won’t find them in India easily but thankfully some of the brands have started coming out with some cute lunch boxes which are available at affordable prices.

I fortunately got it on Hopscotch which keeps coming up with new things every now and then but yes! quite an expensive site it is.My friend suggested me this lunch box when I told her about my requirement .It costed me around 700 with coupon code and all and I hope it lasts for long .

More About Bento Lunch Boxes:-

Lunch box has two compartments and in the lower compartment, there are three sections and one square compartment in the above section for sandwiches and all.

It looks like a cute suitcase which even my toddler likes to carry.Be it cheese cubes, crackers with cheese, egg salad there is space for everything here provided your little one(LO) has interest in food.Toddlers still eat something when they have friends or people around so I still try to make different things even if she brings it back.

Here is the lunch which I prepared for my girl today.There is chickpea salad, tomato slices and brown bread topped with cheese slice.She only had the cheese and few chickpeas.

I was litle disheartened seeing my effort going waste but a mommie need to put in effort when it comes to developing healthy taste in your child.

If you think lunch box is little big or expensive for you then I found some interesting ideas on flipkart as well which are as follows:-

Kids just love Doraemon Lunch boxes and this one is lovely and has three sections with separate lids.Not bad when looking at its price.Costs around INR 399 and can be purchased from Flipkart here

Milton Food Fun Small School Range Plastic Lunch Boxes:-

Milton too is quite a famous brand and is well known for its quality .You can opt for it too.Can be purchased from flipkart here 


Have you tried Bento lunch boxes ? Do you have any favourite lunch boxes brand?

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