Best and Worst Drinks For Your Toddler


 By Nandidni Aravind

Best and Worst Drinks For Your Toddler


In this day and age it is so tough to decide on what is good and bad for your child. Media hounds you with tempting ads of junk food and colorful attractive drinks and tries to tempt your child, you on the other hand feel helpless like you’re losing to a battle that can’t be won.
But with some determination and patience on our end we can get our children to have healthier choices than letting them slip by into the world of obesity and childhood health problems.



Here are a few good choices of drinks to quench your thirsty toddler:

  • Water: Will nothing like water right, let your child get his daily intake of water every day. It helps in flushing away toxins, keeps their body temperature regulated avoids constipation. Also it is a good source of fluoride.
  • Cow’s milk: It contains calcium and vitamin D as well as protein. Children needed to take at least 2 cups of milk in a day to reach their daily calcium intake. You may want to give your child full cream milk but it is advised to stick to toned milk.
  • Lactose free milk: For those who are lactose intolerant, they can try lactose free milk like soy milk or almond milk; these are rich in vitamins and calcium as well.
  • Curds/ yogurt: A cup of plain curds or a glass of lassi will be quite welcomed with toddlers. Even yogurt smoothie with cut fruit will make a good drink. You can try adding some nuts like walnuts and dry fruits like raisins before churning them in the mixer.
  • Fresh fruit juice: A glass of freshly squeezed juice is also a healthy option, try to avoid adding sugar or syrups to it. But do limit it to one glass a day or else they will get full and avoid eating proper meals.
  • Vegetable and Tomato juice: This is a little tricky but with some creativity you can get your toddler to gulp down some vegetable juice. You can even try few vegetable and fruit combos like apple and carrot .



Drinks to be avoided

  • Sodas, canned juices & energy drinks: These need to be avoided at all costs, sodas have no nutritional values and contain artificial color or flavor. It contains preservatives and added sugar. They also spoil your child’s teeth enamel.
  • Green tea/ herbal tea: Green tea is full of antioxidants but also contain caffeine and is better to avoid giving them to your child. You may consult your doctor before you give your child maybe a little less stronger tea and in very little quantities.
  • Coffee: This must be avoided completely. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine which is bad for children. It can cause hyperactive ness, sleeplessness and make them irritable.

Be a role model to your child

Children are imitative by nature, if you want them to not have something that isn’t healthy for them then you need to follow the same. Give up on unhealthy drinks and food and expect the same from your child

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