Bottle Feeding Myths Busted

Bottle Feeding Myths Busted

Hello Moms,

Today, as promised, I will be sharing my experience dealing with myths related to Bottle feeding. It really feels ridiculous how the myths intimidate a new mom who is already unaware of most of the experiences that motherhood comes along with especially when all of these myths are baseless and holds no reasonable ground of truth.

So, lets start with talking about each of the myths and discuss about the facts

Myth- Bottle Feeding Will Make The Baby Lips Bigger/ Big Pout-

Fact- Bottle Feeding hardly tampers the genetic build up of body parts and so this is purely rubbish to say that if babies use bottles to feed milk or use pacifiers then they are going to have big lips when they grow up. Well, even if there is 1% chance of this myth holding any truth, I would love to have my daughter grow up with a great pout as many people get surgeries to get the perfect pout, so it is better to bottle feed than a lip surgery right!!

Myth- Bottle Feeding Leads To Colic

Fact- Colic is a major problem in babies and that results from excess gas which may be even possible with breast-feeding, so there is no question of bottle feeding to be a sole reason for colic. Feeding your baby in the correct reclining position either breast-feeding or bottle feeding will decrease the chances of colic as the air pockets in the bottle feeding position don’t get with the milk. If you take care of this tip, then your baby is never going to have colic problem due to bottle feeding.

Myth- Bottle Feeding increases chances of Infection

Fact- Well, this is a little debatable on the part that so many people complain of stomach infections in kids who are bottle fed. In my opinion, bottle feeding is not the main concern but the hygiene is more important issue to deal with as it is actually responsible for causing infections in babies. If the bottles are sterilized properly and used in the right way, like I have previously discussed in my last video that many moms give the same bottle if their baby didn’t finish the milk in it, which is totally wrong!

Infections occur only if the bottle is not clean and is unhygienic, only then your baby will get infections from bottle feeding. Otherwise, if you take care of the sterilization and other hygiene issues, it is going to be as normal as anything.

Myth- Weaning Off a Bottle from baby is very hard

Fact- This is not true as it totally depends on your luck or the baby’s wish. Honestly, I have met a single mom who said that weaning off breast feeding was very easy for them. So, it is luck, patience and efforts that count here which help in weaning off the baby from bottle or breast feeding. So, yet again this is one rubbish myth.

Myth- Bottle Feeding induces More sleeping

Fact- Sleeping patterns are different for different babies, and this doesn’t gets affected by feeding habits whether bottle feeding or breast feeding. In fact, if there was a slight chance of truth in this myths, all hose sleepless nights would have been really pleasant for me and made the lives of mother quite easy with their little ones sleeping a sound sleep.

Myth- One can change the measurements of Formula Milk powder as per wish

Fact- This is really an important concern and parents need to understand that those measurements are given after tremendous tests and studies so as to ensure the adequate amount of nutrition that is required by a child who is not breast-feeding, so fiddle around the measurements and follow them strictly. Giving more means hampering the natural digestion in babies and giving less means baby may remain hungry and needs more nutrition.

Myth- Bottle Feeding encourages teeth to protrude outwards

Fact- Well, this is totally absurd myth as when the child is bottle feeding that is their milk teeth which happen to fall off once they grow older and later on the permanent teeth are actually going to stay for the whole life and till that time every child has been weaned off naturally or by efforts. So, this is totally a pointless myth that prevails with bottle feeding. Dental health is not at all related with bottle feeding at any cost!

Myth- Bottle fed babies have less string bonding than breastfed babies

Fact- This is surely very disturbing thought for many mothers and no offense towards moms who breastfed their babies, it hardly holds any truth. Many moms are not able to breast feed their babies, even if they are willing to because of certain medical conditions, but it is not that they are not going to have a strong bond with their little ones just because they didn’t breast feed their babies!! If you tend to take care of your child and keep them happy there is nothing that can affect the bond of love between you and your baby because it is you only who have carried them in your womb and nourished them. The bond starts from within you itself and no matter what way you feed your baby, they are still going to love you and so you will love them!

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I hope I was able to cover all the prevailing myths and busted them effectively! Hope you got many answers about many of your worries related to bottle feeding!

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