Breakfast Ideas For Eight Month Old

Food ideas for babies as young as 8 months can be hard to think of. Babies of this age cannot live on milk all day and also their teeth are still not developed for every food. Giving the same food daily is also not an option. It is essential that the baby gets all the nutrients in breakfast.

Here are some simple tips for the breakfast of your eight month old-

  • Apple sauce, mashed banana and other soft mashed fruits like papaya are good ideas. You can take ideas from foods available in stores and make them at home.
  • Check with your doctor if you can start giving oats.
  • You can give ragi/semolina(rava) porridge.
  • Powder poha (flat rice) and make sheera of it.
  • You can even feed  your baby boiled chicken turkey (for proper iron intake), boiled pumpkins, and sweet potatoes etc.
  • One needs to make sure that the baby is given 1-2 fruits and vegetables daily.Begin with giving rice cereal mixed with fruit paste. Usually its a good idea to start the day with fruits and protein.
  • You can offer your child some freshly squeezed orange juice, carrot juice, strawberry/grapes juice etc. Always make sure that baby gets 7-8 grams of protein every morning.
  • Babies needs carbohydrates also. Carbohydrates are especially required for digesting the proteins. You could give rice, oats, barley, cerelac etc .

In short, in every breakfast your goal should be to feed your baby proteins, carbohydrates to digest proteins and vitamins to help rev up the metabolism.

Always feed 120 ml of baby food with every meal. You will have to wait to feed your little one idlis, vadas, upma and poha etc. for breakfast. S/he can have these when s/he is around 10 – 12 months of age.

Encourage finger foods at the of age 9 months. It is very important for the development of hand eye coordination , gross and fine motor skills. Introduce textured foods as soon as you think the baby has stopped gagging and has started chewing. Encourage finger foods early so that you can raise your little one into an independent self feeding child by the time s/he is 12-13 months.

How To Know If The Baby Is Ready For Textured Food:-

Here are a few tests you will need to do to find out if your baby is ready for textured foods. Boil some carrots and apples and cut them into 1/4th of an inch cubes. Make sure that the pieces are soft and tender enough to be crushed with baby’s gums.You can put the baby on a high chair or anywhere where he or she regularly eats.Keep observing what s/he does. Pick up a few pieces and show her/him how to eat. Kids learn with imitating their caregivers. Initially the baby may not get it or may not show the desired response but if you continue doing so, s/he will pick it up and eat it. Try with fruit melts or puffs that dissolve in their mouths.

Do you have breakfast ideas for eight month old ?

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