Breast feeding for your baby

Breastfeeding is not as easy as it is supposed to be. You have to have a certain plan to feed your baby. It is very important to nurse the baby with a set plan. By following these plans, you can preserve the health of the baby as well as the mother. The mother must take enough care on her health before feeding the baby. More importantly, this has to be done because the baby’s growth and health are dependent upon her mother.

The milk from the mother must be healthy and digestible as the nourishment of the mother’s milk depends upon her diet and health. Proper exercise and inhaling pure air will also amount to healthy milk from the mother. Mother’s milk is the purest form of food that is available to a baby to which there is no other substitute. A mother’s indisposition will affect the baby’s health severely.

Any mother must not take any sort of liquor like wine or fermented liquor. Adding these to the regular diet of the mother will lead to diseases and will eventually lead to a complete halt of the secretion of milk. You can keep a simple diet which will aid the secretion of milk. Following the laws of good health will lead to healthy nursing of the baby by the mother. Do not resort to any sort of improper diet on a whim, even if it is for at least once.

In a case, a mother, who was also a nurse, had left the lying-in room after twenty one days. She had problems with her nipples which she overcame quickly. The porter system was commenced, which was resorted to, not because deficiency of milk but that it was ample, and the baby thriving upon it. Having become a nurse, she was told that it was important to be done and without it her milk and her health would fail.

She often felt drowsy and sleepy in the day with headache, heat, thirst and fever. Due to all these, the secretion of milk got reduced and even more startling was that the stomach and bowels of the baby took a disorder. The porter was taken off and remedial measures were undertaken. The baby and the mother returned to normalcy after a while.

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