Broccoli & Barley Soup Recipe For Babies/Toddlers

Broccoli & Barley Soup Recipe For Babies/Toddlers


Time and again I repeat the same things, grains for babies, sprouts for babies, barley for babies. That is because the fact remains the same even every growing year of a baby.

When baby grows into a toddler, then the topic becomes grains for toddlers, sprouts for toddlers, barley for toddlers.

Today’s focus is Barley for Toddlers.



It is time for a soup now. Soups are usually liked by kids. One reason I feel why is, soups require very little chewing and can be easily gulped. My daughter is so, lazy of chewing.

On to the recipe

You will need:

Broccoli, pearl barley, a small piece of garlic, few drops of soya sauce, salt and water to boil.



Method of preparing Broccoli & Barley Soup for Babies/Toddlers:

  • Soak about a fistful of pearl barley in water for half an hour. Keep aside.
  • Now, chop and clean broccoli under clean running water (this is a obvious step everyone does :-P)
  • Heat water in a thick bottom pot vessel. When the water boils, add the tiny pieces of broccoli and let it boil.
  • Now, drain the water in which barley was soaked.
  • Add fresh water to the barley and make fine paste of the same. Also add a tiny piece of garlic while blending.
  • Add the barley and garlic paste to the vessel in which broccoli is being boiled.
  • Keep stirring without stopping.
  • Boil for at least 10 minutes. Add water if needed to adjust the consistency.
  • Add few drops of soya sauce. And also salt as per the taste.
  • Boil for a couple of more minutes and switch the flame off.



Serve the warm Broccoli & Barley soup. Prepare the soup in more quantity and you can enjoy the child’s soup too.



Hope you liked the Broccoli & Barley soup.

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