Building Your Child’s Library: 3 to 9 Months

A mother does not need a study or a pediatrician to tell her that talking to and reading to child does wonders not only to the precious bond but also the mental and emotional development of the baby.

It’s never too early (or too late) to expose your child to the amazing world of books. I started reading to my daughter from day 1 – just random magazine articles etc. It was only when she was about 3 months old that I started getting her age appropriate books and showing them to her. At the beginning, our book sessions were about 10 minutes long each day and by the time my daughter was 6 months old, we were doing two sessions per day for about 15-20 minutes each.

From my personal experience, I realized that there’s a clear distinction in the way babies perceive books when they cross the ninth month mark. Therefore, I will be sharing with you book recommendations for only up till 9 months in this post and the next logical ranges in subsequent posts. Please note, just because I say these are appropriate for 3-9 months, it does not mean they become useless after 9 months – your baby will continue to like these well into his/her preschool and kindergarten years because then they will learn to read the books themselves!

I am listing the books in order that I purchased them. We try to buy a book a month, and so here are the first 6 books. All these books are board books. Tiny hands are not very gentle to handle paper. These books can be used as roughly as toys and teethers and still survive for a good number of years.


Author: Nina Laden | Publisher: Chronicle Books | Listed Retail Price: 6.95 USD.In India you can get it from flipkart.


This book will always remain special to us because it is our daughter’s first book. It is a very simple book that progresses in sets of 3 page sides. The first page says Peek a .. (you have to ask who?), the second page has a small window through which you can partially peek at the third page. And then the third page has the full image. The words are few and very simply: Moo for Cow, Boo for Monster, Zoo for all the animals, Choo Choo for train. These repetitive sounds amuse babies to no end. And finally, the most favorite page, at the end. Peek-a-YOU! There’s mirror. Most babies love staring at their image and my daughter is no different. She has licked this mirror more than a million times already!

Baby Faces – Peek-a-Boo!

Author: Roberta Grobel Intrater | Publisher: SCHOLASTIC | Listed Retail Price: 4.95 USD .Can be picked from Amazon here

As I realized that my daughter was beginning to show a lot of interest in her photographs and others on our home walls, I got her this book. It is amazing how children can differentiate expressions even when they are babies. My daughter would smile at the smiling face, pout at the pouting face, and even cry at the crying face! She is never ever tired of this book and can go over and over many times at a single sitting!

Baby Touch and Feel: Animals

Author: Not mentioned | Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (DK) | Listed Retail Price: 5.99 USD/.Can be bought from flipkart in India

This book was a natural progression after the Baby Faces book mentioned above. The highlight of this book is that apart from cute animals, there’s a portion on each page, which has a different texture that the baby can feel. For example, the wooly texture of the ball that the cat is playing with, or the furry texture of the dog’s fur or even the slithery texture of a snail’s path! Bright and engaging – this book is sure going to be a hit with your baby!

Hand Puppet Book: Old Mac Donald Had A Farm

Author: Not mentioned | Publisher: SCHOLASTIC | Listed Retail Price: 9.35 USD/Can be bought from flipkart here

I love this book. It is small and easy to carry around and is our favorite time pass activity during car rides and travel. A puppet version of the age old rhyme, this one’s a gem for your child’s library. My daughter gets so excited when the puppets move because of my finger movements. For older children, this also had a book attached that they can read on their own.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Author: Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle | Publisher: Henry Holt and Company | Listed Retail Price: 7.95 USD.Can be bought from US here

This book’s USP is its rhyming and repetitive verse in each page. It has a big illustrated picture of an animal on every page, and a sort of recap in the end. It is a great tool for developing visual memory in children and also instilling curiosity in them as the animal is mentioned first and then introduced.

First 100 Words

Author: Not mentioned | Publisher: Priddy Books | Listed Retail Price: 5.99 USD

I have seen one version or the other of this book in every household with a baby or child. Bright pictures with one word descriptions encourage association of images with words and also help build a child’s vocabulary. You can spend hours on each page as there is so much to talk about each picture! My daughter is obsessed with pictures of human beings.

I hope this post gives you ideas for books for your little one! You can never tire of buying books but it is also a good idea to look up a local library or start your own library by exchanging books in your neighborhood or playgroup. Another great idea is to make your baby’s first book. You have to just take pictures, put them in a photo album or scrap book and label them. You can add a description too! A great exercise for you and a memorable artifact to cherish for years to come!

What kind of books do you buy for your child?

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