Building your Child’s Library:10 to 15 Months

Building your Child’s Library: 10 – 15 Months

As promised in our earlier post listing book recommendations for babies in the age group of 3 to 9 months , we are back with suggestions for your child’s growing library. At about the 10th month mark, toddlers start showing a greater understanding of language, and what better way than books to boost their vocabulary and creativity. At this stage, you might want to continue to invest in board books to ensure their longevity. So, without further delay, let’s jump onto the books you can delight your little one with!

1.  BIG Little

Author: Leslie Patricelli | Publisher: Candlewick Press | Listed Retail Price: 6.99 USD|

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This is a fun book to introduce your child to the relative concepts of big and small. Every page gives comparative illustrations which are very attractive. The bright contrast in the colors is sure to capture your child’s attention.

2.  The Little Book of KISSES

Author: Steve Wiesinger | Publisher: Random House | Listed Retail Price: 4.99 USD

This book is a hand me down that my daughter got from her first cousins. I have not been able to find it on Amazon or Flipkart but there are other equivalents that you can get for your child. This book is a favorite with my daughter and her daddy. Every page talks about a certain kind of kiss (age appropriate only :-D), and we promptly try to act that kiss out for her. She thoroughly enjoys it and now looks forward to the “action” on each page.



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Author: Eric Carle | Publisher: Penguin | Listed Retail Price: 10.99 USD |

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This children’s classic must find its way to your child’s library. Not only is it bright, colorful, with lots of pictures and an interesting story, it is a great tool to educate your child – from the lifecycle of the egg to the butterfly, names of fruits and other common food items, days of the week, and even numbers – this book has it all!

4. I’m not Sleepy!

Author: Jonathan Allen | Publisher: Boxer Books Limited | Listed Retail Price: 6.95 USD |

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This is a great choice to introduce your child to the magical world of storytelling. This is a story about a baby owl who has stayed up all night but is fighting sleep at bedtime. (Sounds familiar ;-)?). The dialogues offer a lot of scope for voice modulation and narration to ensure that your baby is hooked on till the end!


Author: Margaret Wise Brown | Publisher: Harper Collins| Listed Retail Price: 8.99 USD |

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Again, a children’s classic, this book is guaranteed to be a huge hit with your little one, especially at bed time. All the objects in the green room are first pointed out and then each one is individually said good night to. A great way to ease your child into his or her own bed time.


6. Dear Zoo

Author: Rod Campbell | Publisher: Little Simon | Listed Retail Price: 6.99 USD |

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It was love at first sight with this book for my daughter. This is a lift-the-flap/pop-up book that is sure to engage the curiosity of young minds. Each animal in under a cover and let your little one open it themselves for the surprise element to have a greater impact. The best part is that even the flaps are made of hard paper to stand the mauling by young clumsy hands!

I hope this list gives you ideas for your child’s library. We will come up with a recommendation for the next age group soon!

How are you planning to build your child’s library?


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