BumChum Fitted Diaper – Moo Cow Review


BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow


When my little one was born, he would cry the minute his cloth nappy was wet. All was fine for a month but I had to switch over to disposable diapers due to severe winter in my home town and soon my little one got too comfortable with the change and wouldn’t wail even if the diaper was wet I was really disappointed but couldn’t do much. So, once I came back from my hometown I slowly started diapering him in cloth diapers. And now I’m happy that he understands that his diaper is wet and wants it to be changed immediately Mission Accomplished! Yay!



So, today I would let you know the experience I had with the first cloth diaper that I got for my baby. I hope it helps you decide whether you should switch over to cloth diapers or not.

About BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow

BumChum specializes in earth friendly, natural baby products. Our range is carefully selected to preserve the health of your baby and his environment. (From BumChum website)

Make comfort an everyday part of your baby’s life by getting them this BumChum Fitted Diaper. This diaper has been designed to enhance your little one’s comfort. (From Flipkart)

Key Features

  • Soft TPU Outer Cover
  • Micro Fleece Materials
  • Special Micro Fiber Absorption
  • Ideal for 3 Kg to 20 Kg
  • Leak Proof, Hygienic and Eco-friendly

Price: INR 825.You may get it from flipkart here.

My Experience with BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow

As it was the first time I was using the modern cloth diaper, I was a little confused about its proper usage. Call me dumb but for the first time what I did was instead of inserting the provided micro finer inserts in the pocket I did a grave mistake of placing it directly under the baby’s skin. And according to the BumChum website this shouldn’t be done as the inserts have the ability to “attach” to surfaces. Plus this made it soggy with just one pee. I was really sad but then I thought I would give it one more try as it’s so popular with most mommies who are into cloth diapering. It so happened that while washing I figured out that there’s a pocket at the back where the insert has to go



Once I had figured out the correct way to use it, I was really glad that I bought this one despite the high cost (higher than disposable ones). The diaper holds more than four to five times of pee and at times even more than that. My baby’s bottom stays absolutely dry and I haven’t seen any rashes after using this. It even stays in place all the time. For nighttime I use more than two inserts in the diaper so it stays dry for a longer period.

I just love the way BumChum cloth diapers fit on my baby’s bottom, he looks super cute crawling around the house in these fitted cow print diapers



What I like about BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow

  • The snaps hold the diaper in place despite all the movement
  • There’s elastic at the back so it can be used even when the baby’s waist grows in size
  • Better priced than most cloth diapers
  • It’s easily available online, sometimes at really great discounts
  • It came with two inserts
  • The fitting of this diaper is so snug that you can totally forget about leakage
  • The elastic used is very soft
  • The inserts are made of a good four layers of micro fiber keeping the fleece lining dry
  • It comes in such cute and stylish prints
  • It doesn’t contain any toxic gels like the disposable ones
  • There’s no need to use pins to secure the sides
  • These diapers are very economical in the long run
  • It’s much better than disposable diapers for potty training
  • If you are planning on having a second child it’s even more useful, saves you a lot of money
  • It’s machine washable
  • It dries pretty quickly under the sun, especially if you have an automatic washing machine
  • They go well with most tees so if the weather is hot your baby can go without the pants
  • I’m happy that I’m doing something good for the environment with these eco friendly cloth diapers

What I don’t like about BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow

  • It’s just perfect there’s nothing bad about it

Will I Recommend it to others? Definitely yes! You would forget about the disposable diapers once you use these. They have all the ingredients to keep both you and your baby happy. Give it a try once; you are not going to regret it

Have you tried BumChum Fitted – Moo Cow?

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