Camel Child Grip Crayons Review

Camel Child Grip Crayons Review

A child’s creative ability is beyond our imagination and that makes it remarkable to see objects or things from their perspective. When toddlers start to draw in their own sweet way, colours play an important role in their cognitive growth process as they begin to understand and learn to correlate colours with various objects, emotions and elements around them. Apart from cognitive development, there is one more important factor which is not given much importance: Grip development.

About Camel Child Grip Crayons (set of 5)

Camel Child grip Crayons are super smooth, easy to hold crayons which are non-toxic and safe. They enhance your child’s fine motor skills and ensure better development of muscle strength. Available in 10 bright and non-smudge colours, these long- lasting crayons fit snugly into a toddler’s fingers. They’re tough and do not break with normal use. It’s time for the little artists to get going.

Price: INR 125 (set of 5)


My thoughts about Camel Child Grip Crayons

A kid’s first set of colors is always special because it helps them explore their imagination and express their creativity. A colourful liberation, where the child gets to create their own world, scribbling and drawing on various canvases like paper, floors and walls- which sometimes are painful for the parents. Though these crayons, fortunately are washable from non-porous surfaces.

Since young kids are not that acquainted with how to hold a color pencil or crayon beforehand, they start with holding the pencil crayon sideways. Also it is very commonly observed that most kids hold the crayons from their palm and not just fingers, which is very normal at their age.

So, this new Camel Child Grip Crayon has a unique design to enable the kids hold the crayon perfectly well such that they can create whatever they can think of without having to figure out a proper way to hold a crayon.

Since their hands and fingers are too tiny, a long crayon often slips so this unique grip crayon is really handy and makes colouring easier.

Due to its shape and striking colours, I’ve noticed my kid scribbling on for a longer time. This crayon will help kids to have a better grip while holding on to pencils/ crayons in school and naturally developing a good handwriting in future.

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