Care for your Baby’s Sleep

Every new born baby suffers with lack of sufficient sleep due to various factors. The factors are many with some being external and some internal. Even hunger is one where the baby wakes up but it can be immediately put to rest again after feeding. Not only hunger but there are various reasons and factors that dictate the sleep of your baby like the baby’s health as well. Here are some tips to make your baby sleep for a few more minutes which can make a world of difference in its health.

For the first few months, your new born baby spends most of the time in eating and sleeping. Follow your baby’s nap whenever needed. When your baby naps during the day time, do not make any effort to keep the atmosphere quiet and keep the lights switched on. At nights, keep the lights switched off and maintain silence which will help your baby to differentiate day from night.

Do the best to start a pleasant night time routine with a nice bath, even a gentle reading of the book and dimming the lights slowly will help your baby become more aware that night time is reached and it is time to fall asleep. It is best to put your baby to bed while it is awake which will teach your baby to fall asleep without the use of teats, bottle or breast. You can help your baby to learn to sleep alone.

Following proper nap durations gives your baby the perfect structure he or she needs to handle and manage routine daily life. New born babies will quickly stick into a pattern which will help your baby take the transition from waking time to nap time easily because your baby knows what to expect.

Detect reasons that could cause restlessness to your newborn baby. However, a few of the babies may be hypersensitive to noise and uncomfortable environment. Most of the new born babies are not awakened by these situations. As far as possible, reduce noises that disturb and physical discomforts that irritate your babies. This requires you to analyze your baby’s sleeping environment and, avoid any disturbances that could awaken your baby.

Avoid a few things like a stinky atmosphere, uncomfortable sleepwear, environmental irritants, dietary sensitivities, diarrhea, dysentery etc. Doing all these can help your baby sleep well under any circumstances, be it day or night. If it is the right time for your baby to sleep, it must and it will.

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