Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies

 Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies

Winter demands everything warm. A bowl of warm soup can help a lot after a stroll in the play garden in the cold freezing weather.

I never miss to use carrots in my daughter’s diet. There are many ingredients which keeps the body warm naturally. Using these ingredients can help keep cold and cough away in this season.



My daughter is sweet toothed. And for a change this is not a sweet tasting soup.

Ingredients:Carrot Soup


  • One medium sized carrot peeled and chopped into small coins.
  • Pinch of ground cinnamon.
  • Quarter spoon cumin seeds.
  • Small piece of bay leaf.
  • Half onion chopped into pieces.
  • 2 garlic crushed.
  • 4-5 black pepper corns.
  • Butter for sauting.

Method to prepare Winter Soup from Carrot:

  • Boil carrot coins before handed in a pressure cooker or an open vessel with some water. Keep aside.
  • In a pan, heat butter.
  • When it melts and turns into ghee, add cumin seeds.
  • To this add garlic, cinnamon, bay leaf, pepper corns and sauté for 30 seconds.
  • Then add chopped onion and sauté until they change in color.
  • Now, add all the sauted spices and onions into the mixer jar. Add the boiled carrot coins too. Add some water and blend well into a fine paste.
  • Pour this soup paste to the pan. Add more water to dilute and add salt as needed.
  • Bring the whole thing to boil state and adjust the consistency.
  • Top it with some bread crumps.
  • Serve while it is still warm.



All the spice ingredients are best to keep the baby warm in this cold chilly winter.

PS: I had to add sugar to my daughter’s bowl. :-(.

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