Celebrity Mom – Kajol

Celebrity Mom- Kajol

Kids:  They bring out the best in you.

The perfect daughter, the perfect wife, mother, perfect at work, society has so many expectations from us women. If you ask me about my mantra, I’d say give everything your best but live your life on your own terms.

Living life on your own terms is something which I did from an early age; be it dropping out of school to pursue my career or leaving my career to pursue full time motherhood. Decisions are mine, good or bad and at the end of the day they are my responsibility.

Striking the right balance is a keynote to success for any new mother.  All components of your life:  your career, your family, other obligations turn upside down with the arrival of your bundle of joy.  Suddenly it is no more about that important project or about a party it is about the feel of soft skin, the smell of baby powder, tiny hands and bright eyes searching for you.  Your entire life revolves around that tiny person and this person becomes the lodestone of your existence.

Giving up working in films at the time when my first baby Nysa was on her way. It was challenging and fun.  I was lucky to have a supportive husband and a very supportive family who helped me in every step of the way.  Once Nysa was on her feet and had started going to school, I went back to work to my passion. The pace of work and its method had of course undergone a sea change but that was just one of the many things that come with new responsibilities.

In many ways the birth of Yug my second child was much easier. No first time jitters or uncertainty, I was a far more confident person.  It is no mean feat juggling two kids, a family, managing a household and a career, life is hectic as always but the sound of tinkling laughter and watching them grow is pure happiness.

Bringing up kids is a hectic task and like many mothers my days begin at 5:30am daily. A quick workout is followed by getting them ready for school.  Then it is my turn to get ready and show up for work on time. At the beginning I used to get tired easily but I found out that extensive planning leading to micro management at times along with a healthy lifestyle and diet works wonders.  It increases stamina, reduces stress and induces confidence which is required for today’s mothers.

I have always been actively involved in my children’s upbringing irrespective of whether I was working or not.  With Nysa it was easy as I was at home mostly but with time as I went back to work I devoted to spending quality time with her.  For working mothers it is easy to succumb to the guilt of not being there always so I would advocate spending quality time and being there for key milestones in their lives and participating actively. Be it joining her for school picnic or preparing her for exams I ensure that I am an active part of all.

Being celebrity kids life is not easy for them however it has always been our endeavor to give a normal upbringing as much as possible. Having a strict discipline is one of the key things as it toughens them up from an early age and creates a sense of responsibility.  It is important to talk to them to explain things so that they understand and respect you for the decisions that you take for them.  For a child a parent especially a mother is like life and it is equally important to be role model for them. Be it your work, your ethics, your relationships; be sure to practice what you preach.  Mothers across the world are a fabulous set of people and we owe it to our wonderful children who have made us the superwomen that we are today!

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