Celebrity Mom Sushmita Sen On Motherhood

Celebrity Mom-Sushmita Sen

‘Follow your heart’ – Sushmita Sen

Conviction and focus are the key essentials to being a good mother and believe me I needed a lot of that while adopting my first child Renee.  Adoption is traditionally viewed as a resort for couples who are biologically unable to produce their own offspring.  Imagine the surprise of the authorities when an 18-year old girl applied for the same.  My application got approved six years later and Renee entered my life.

Adoption was personal decision, a long cherished dream.  I am lucky to have had the privilege of adopting twice. Today I am blessed and have the privilege of bringing up two wonderful girls who are my life and soul. Everyone around me, specially my parents have been very supportive and have made this journey a wonderful and fulfilling one.

Being a single parent is tough but not impossible.  You are a mother and father rolled into one.  As adults we all have components of both and depending on the situation I become either.  For Father’s Day at school Renee asked me to come along, so I did.  I turned up wearing a business suit and tie and the gesture was appreciated by her classmates’ fathers and the school authorities. As kids both Renee and Alisah are a resilient lot and since neither have known their parents there is no question of missing them.

Every mother is protective of her children and I am no exception.  With Renee as she was my first, I was fiercely protective and had gone to great lengths to protect her from the media’s prying glare. Once she started coming in the media glare, I was pleasantly surprised to see her easy approach.  Her natural confidence and ease was inspiring.  Now I have a more chilled out approach. Both my daughters are aware of their mother’s public persona, have come to accept it as a part of their lives and can handle it well.

With the onset of kids, careers do often take a backseat for most mothers and I was no exception.  What became a challenge was finding that right mix once I joined work.  I firmly believe spending quality time is more important than volumes of time. Luckily my kids are fairly individualistic and are independent from an early age so I leave it to them to decide their ‘things to do’ for the time periods that we get to spend with each other. While often Renee does like to spend time with friends or alone, we have a firm rule:  an hour of pre-bed time talk every single day when I am at home.  This is our time when we discuss anything and everything under the sun and is a no-holds barred conversation.  I firmly believe that it is necessary to build this kind of rapport and confidence in your child from an early age.

Bonding with your child is an important part of the upbringing and whether your child is adopted or your biological one, parents should invest consciously in bonding with their little ones.  Whether you are the father or mother, you need to find your own special way of bonding.  To me the two best types are to be there when you are needed and to spend relaxed happy time together.

I have always said that I am God’s special child and owe it to him for making me what I am today. Both my children Renee (meaning renaissance) and Alisah (meaning joyful) have given me the unique opportunity to evolve with them and join them on this amazing yet fulfilling journey of life and love.

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