Celebrity Mom- Twinkle Khanna

Celebrity mom- Twinkle Khanna

New Age motherhood

A real privilege it is to be a mother, God’s gift to see the tiny hands, the feel of soft skin and hold the tiny bundle in your arms. All said and done about the cool things, motherhood also has its share of uncool things as most mothers are aware of.  Your body is not the same and you often tend to groan while doing simple movements. Your once elegant home is transformed into an unending mass of diapers and baby clothes and toys, your diet changes are drastic, you are perennially sleep-deprived and you begin to wonder if at all you will fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.  Things are profoundly difficult when you are a mother on the other side of 30 as your body’ healing powers are not that great and you end up envying the 20 something mothers you get to meet during this times.

For today’s kids growing up is vastly different than what it used to be some 20 years back.  Kids nowadays are loaded with information and have an amazing ability to observe remember and apply information at the most opportune moments. I have often faced situation when Aarav comes up to us and shares a bit of information that I wouldn’t have thought he knew.  While bringing up kids is easy.  What is trying is to decide what their experiences will be like, after all it is what they see and perceive is what goes into making them humans.  For me what works best is:  treat things lightly and leading by example.  With growing children the best way to tackle unwanted information is to crack jokes about everything under the sun.  This tells them that it is alright to discuss taboo topics with parents without fear of being reprimanded.  Children are smart and resourceful and no matter what you tell them they will do exactly as they observe.  So if you are lazy and lecture about getting up at 5:00am, they will eventually follow you and stop taking you seriously.  It is important to be the person you preach and being lazy, self indulgent, pessimists are the worst messages you can give your children.

It is important that parents should accept the fact that our children are aware and will get exposed to sordid aspects of life from an early age.  It is therefore crucial that we equip them to deal with accept all such situations. Parents need maturity, finesse and a sense of humor to handle and evolve along with your children.  The best medicine is therefore to continue to laugh, enjoy and crack jokes through all these aspects.  Very soon your child will realize and accept you as a friend and come to you without any fear.

Juggling a baby and a growing son is no mean feat and like every mom, planning and organizing is a key to success: ensuring that you balance work and family equally and also get to enjoy some time with your husband.  As mom, we are superwomen juggling multiple roles with ease- a cook, event planner, cleaner, tutor, psychologist, agony aunt, a part-time doctor, accountant and above all a continuous never ending supplier of hugs.  It is the most taxing and the poorest paid job in the world and if asked to change it, my response would be ‘Not for anything in the world’.

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