Cheap & Effective Way To Clean Baby Bottles – Toddy Bottle & Nipple Liquid Cleanser

I have been using Toddy bottle and liquid cleanser since seven months and I am glad I found it pretty soon and didn’t spend a bomb on other expensive baby bottle cleaning products. I initially tried the 500 ml pack as I was not sure how it will turn out but when it worked for me I got the 2 ltr  bottle from near by store.

I have seen that most popular online baby sites don’t stock this because if this is available then who is going to buy their other expensive bottle cleaners which cost nothing less than Rs. 400 for 500ml. A person like me who has completed 2 ltr of this solution  in just four months, will find those alternatives quite expensive.

I have found just one site which offers it .You can check it here 

I don’t remember how much this 2 ltr bottle cost me. I guess some Rs. 600 or so but it wasn’t expensive considering the quantity. I wish I could show you the ingredients and other details of this product but it has everything written in Arabic language so everything is Greek here for English readers. This was kind of a risk which I took but my cousinhas used the same for both of her children and her children are healthy enough, so I didn’t mind trying it out.

How I wash my baby bottles:-

Most baby bottle cleaners leave a thin layer behind as the liquid wash is pretty mild so to keep them super clean I first wash them with Pril (which is a liquid dishwash) using a brush and then use Toddy. I use warm water to clean them up. After this next step is to sterilize them. Oh! I have to show you my sterilizer as well

Toddy liquid is transparent and it has nice sweet fragrance. I have tried to show the cleanser in the cap but its completely transparent. As its so decently price I wash my baby sipper and cups with it as well :P.

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Don’t forget to tell me how you wash you baby bottles

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