Checklist For Baby Travel – Babies , Toddlers & Kids

Checklist For Baby Travel – Babies , Toddlers & Kids

Travelling is fun but packing for it is not so easy. You need checklists for yourself but a checklist for little ones is more important because you can adjust but children can’t. We have made 3 checklists, one each for travelling with babies, toddlers and kids-

Travel Must Haves For Babies


You need a lot of things with babies. We have some items that are absolutely necessary for travel with babies-

Baby Wipes- These are very useful. You will need to them to clean your baby all the time.

Pram/Carrier- Do not forget to fold a pram in your travel bag. If you want to be free during travel then get a baby carrier that suits your needs best.

Diapers- These are indispensible.

Change of Clothes- Carry lots of sets. You can pack them in separate packets for a quick change.

Medicine Kit- If your baby is on some medication, do not forget to carry that. Besides that, consult your Pediatrician and carry some general medicines like Advil.

Plastic Bags- Zip-lock pouches work best. You will need them to store dirty diapers till you find a place to dispose them. These pouches also come handy to keep dirty clothes.

Sanitizer- You don’t want your baby to catch any infection and so carrying a sanitizer is a must.

Diaper Rash Cream- Rashes are quite common so do not forget to keep a rash cream with you. It is not easy to get these everywhere.

Baby Food- Formula milk and foods should be packed in adequate quantities when travelling with little ones.

Bib- A bib may not be a must have but it is good to carry this.

Toys- Anything that keeps your baby entertained must travel with them. You do not want to spend your vacation entertaining your baby all the time.

Bottles- Feeding bottles should be carried if you use them. A sterilizer can be carried as well.

Travel Must Haves For Toddlers


Now the baby is grown and so you do not need too many things but still there are things that you cannot do without-

Stroller- Toddlers do not like to walk all the time and so it is better to pack a stroller or you will end up carrying you little one.

Car Seat- For road trips, its a must. If you will see a city in a taxi then too carrying a car seat will be useful.

Snacks- Toddlers are not exactly experimental with foods and they can get hungry any time. You need some healthy, yummy snacks to keep them company.

Extra Clothes- Yes do not pack just 3 sets for 3 days, you will need more.

Skincare- Pack the skin and hair care essentials of your toddler. You can pack a sunscreen as well.

Toys- Take any games and activities that keep your child occupied.

First Aid- Besides medicines, carry band-aids and antiseptic creams for sure.

Diapers- Do not forget these and also carry plastic bags to keep dirty diapers before you dispose them.

ID- Make an ID tag for your toddler when you travel and make them wear it all the time you are out.

Travel Must Haves For  Kids


Kids do not many extras. Whatever you carry for yourself, works for them too. But pack these things for sure-

Games- Carry some games that your kids like. Also download a few games in your phones.

Books- Interesting books make good companions for kids on a holiday and they learn something as well.

Clothes- You will not need too many clothes but still keep at least 2 sets extra.

Food- Kids can be fussy so keep some snacks with you that satiate hunger pangs for some time.

What is in your travel checklist for  Babies , Toddlers & Kids?

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