Chicco Dentifricio ToothPaste (12 M+) Fragola Strawberry Review

Chicco Dentifricio ToothPaste (12 M+) Fragola Strawberry   Chicco offers so many wonderful baby products. Every other product of the brand is an essential in a baby’s routine. Well, I havent bought everything from them :-P. But the basic necessity products for my daughter are all from Chicco. Chicco has great dental care products. You can read about their Banana Tooth Paste (6 m+) and their Dental Care Set. Here is another review of their baby dental care product, Chicco Dentifricio ToothPaste (12 M+) Fragola Strawberry.  

  • Price: Rs.249 for 50 ml.You can buy from here 

This was the tooth paste I had introduced for my baby for the first time. When I gave her a brushing along with the tooth brush and tooth paste, she was over 12 months. So had bought this directly. I hadn’t tried the Banana Toothpaste (6 M+) then. But, she just wouldn’t allow me to brush her teeth with the strawberry flavour paste. She would howl, shout, wail, and struggle to escape from me. Out of sheer madness over the brushing episode that used to happen every day, I thought of trying all different pastes until she agrees with any of them. So, bought banana paste which luckily settled on her for long time.


  And then when she was over 2.5 years, I slowly brain washed her about the strawberry toothpaste. By then she knew the real fruit of strawberry. And finally agreed on this strawberry paste.

How does the Chicco Strawberry Toothpaste look like?

A pink gel is the exact definition for this toothpaste. It is almost transparent with pink tint.

How does the Chicco Strawberry Toothpaste taste like?

The gel has that typical tingling nature which ensures freshness in the mouth for initial amount of time. As adults we might like that minty type of nature in a tooth paste. But babies are really sensitive to everything. And I must agree to the fact that gel tooth paste might not really get well with the babies that too on the first go. The whole brushing thing is new. And above that the gel nature and taste of the tooth paste might go as a shock to the baby.  

  As a toddler my daughter makes no fuss about this paste.

How does the Chicco Strawberry Toothpaste work?

As for lathering, it foams very easily on a wet brush. If you compare its foaming nature with the Banana Toothpaste, I must say this foams a little more. Since my daughter is 3 now, this amount of foaming is required for the care she needs with her teeth. But for a 1 year old baby or any age below 2 years, this lathering is a little too much I feel. So, in my opinion this Strawberry Tooth paste is a good one for toddler and not babies.  

  I am in no plan of trying any other tooth paste for my daughter , that too for long long years now. No, preservatives, no colorants and less fluoride. That is a good sign.

Have you tried Chicco Dentifricio Strawberry Fragola 12 m+?

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