Chicco Latte Solare Sunscreen with SPF50 Review

Chicco Latte Solare Sunscreen with SPF50

Sunscreen plays a vital part of our daily lives right? I believe its the same for kids. The same way prolonged sun exposure may lead to sunburn for adults, it can also lead to sunburn in babies and hence i devided to buy this sunscreen from Chicco last year when my daughter was about 2mts old.

I love going out and slather myself wid sunscreen before walking out. I thought it essential that i do the same with my baby too. I picked up this one from Chicco coz i really truat the brand…whether kts a soap or lotion or a cream their stuff has suited my babies skin and this was a no brainer for me.

Chicco bas 2 sunscreen variants: Baby Moments(a lighter formula) & Dermo Solutions (slightly thicker formhla). I chose the latter coz it was the only one available at the time.

About Chicco Latte Solare Sunscreen:

Sunscreen Chicco very high protection in the form of spray. Applies easily, while the composition protects the delicate skin of children.
Microbiologically and dermatologically tested.

Usage: Apply the product Chicco evenly to dry skin before sun exposure.
advisable to apply the product 20 minutes before sun exposure and To refresh the application frequently and always after swimming.

Recommendations: Avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day, choose the appropriate for your skin sun protection, avoid contact with eyes.

Upon first use, press the muzzle many times.
organometallic FILTERS.

Price: INR799 for 150 ml
Expiry: 9mts from day of opening

My experience with Chicco Sunscreen:

This sunscreen comes in a bottle with a spray its hygenic and convenient to use. The cap is sturdy too and wont pop off in your bag.

A single pump dispenses a decent amount of product. I hate the products where you get excess in your palms which leads to wastage and this luckily has no such issues.

I use this on my daughters arms, legs and face before we step out and i can happily say that she hasnt suffered from sunburn at all. I have taken her for long walks and what not and not once has it failed me.

Another plus point is that it moisturizes the skin while protecting it. So there is no need to layer on a moisturizer while using this.

One can use this on kids for swimming since its water resistant..i carried this with me on my 2trips to Goa last year and touchwood my girl was well protected in that hot and humid climate.

All in all i am glad i got my hands on this product. If you’re looking for a good sunscreen for youe baby do consider this and give it a shot…it’s worth it!

Have you tried Chicco Latte Solare Sunscreen ?



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