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Chicco Set Dental Review

I have been trying to make my daughter get into the brushing habit but honestly speaking I am not too good at it. After losing  some 3-4 baby brushes I thought of getting Chicco dental set which comes with a baby tooth paste as well a baby brush. It has made things little easier for me because when I am running behind my daughter I always forget where I kept her tooth paste and when I am done cleaning her mouth I forget where the hell she threw away her brush. Since the time I got this I make it a point that all her dental products are in this box only and ofcourse it is travel friendly as well.

Getting your baby into brushing routine is not easy. She likes brushing but mine, not hers :P. We every day have this kind of a mini drama at our place where she is trying to snatch my brush and I am trying to brush as quickly as possibly .

I got the Chicco set from Flipkart here

This comes in a pencil box packaging with a chicco tooth paste and a brush .It has a brush cap also for extra protection.

Whenever I bring the box my daughter really gets excited and asking for the brush.She likes the taste of the toothpaste which smells like strawberry icecream. Toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride so its ideal for children under the age of three years. So my two problems are solved. First my baby brush doesn’t keep missing and second I don’t have to worry about the toothpaste being gulped down by her.

Now the third problem is brushing her teeth. I generally give her the tooth brush with the toothpaste on  it and she just puts in her mouth and tries to emulate me .After a while I hold her and tilt her head up and try to brush her teeth.Thing is I find her teeth way too small for brushing so whatever I  manage I try .But I never get this total clean feeling after brushing her teeth.

This is her mini brush which  has soft bristles which are flexible.It doesn’t hurt her and forms a good grip.I think it can be used be babies between one to two year old easily.

All in all its a good set which is travel friendly and tastes great .Something which is good for all the mommies who keeps travelling all the time.

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