Chicco Stroller Turquoise Review

Chicco Stroller Turquoise Review

A brand has won over me. Nothing can change my view about the brand. If you compare it with other competitive baby products brands, Chicco is a little expensive. But the quality is excellent.

Few months ago I bought a stroller for my daughter from Chicco. She is not a small baby, but she is not big enough to walk a lot either. And she is not small enough to be carried around in arms or baby bag. Walk-walk-walk is the main mode of transportation here now for us.



Price: £96.You can buy from flipkart

Color: Turquoise.

I am impressed with the stroller. That had to happen when it is from Chicco.

We bought a turquoise blue stroller. The stroller shows signs of suitable for 0m+, zero months and above. Now this sitting stroller is suitable for infants? I do not think so. It is suitable for babies who can at least sit with support.

The Chicco stroller has the following feature:

  • There is a lock seat belt to keep the child secure in place.
  • A hood that provides shade from the sun.
  • A rain cover that covers up the baby and the seat completely and yet can be moved forwards without any worry of getting wet.
  • A foot rest that will be helpful for slightly older babies.



  • A carrier at the back of the seat to dump some baby essentials.
  • 8 wheels (2 at each corner) that move around in 360 degrees. The wheels are strong enough to be wheeled on a rough surface ground too.
  • The wheels have a breaking system and a lock system too.



The pushing handle of the stroller has a cushioned grip. It looks sturdy too.

The brand says that the stroller can hold a maximum of 15 kgs. But I feel it is strong enough to hold a couple of more kgs too, though it is not advisable.

The entire stroller is collapsible, both horizontally and vertically too. There is lock that keeps is tightened once the stroller is collapsed.



I am impressed with this stroller. We paid a total of £96. These strollers are usually on offers and the rates keep changing. I am not sure on what basis the price gets reduced or increased. I had observed that during Christmas it had got down to £ 60.

That is a huge difference.

Which stroller do you use for your baby?

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