Christmas Decoration Ideas For Toddlers And Kids

Christmas Decoration Ideas For Toddlers And Kids


Christmas is approaching and this is yet another time of the year when we love to decorate our houses. The fun doubles when you try some DIY ideas for decoration and do them with your kids. So buy a Christmas tree, settle in a corner with your kids and start creating some pieces of decoration with these easy ideas-

Snow Globe

Take an acrylic clear hanging ball. Remove the lid and fill half of the ball with epsom salt. Close the lid. Tie a ribbon to the hanger on the lid and hang the ball to the Christmas tree or wherever you like.

Sequin Ball

Take a Styrofoam ball of about 4 inches. Poke a hole straight through it from one side to the other. Take a 24″ long ribbon, fold it into half and using a pencil, insert it into the ball. Tie the loose ends of the ribbon together into a big knot. Take a ball-pin and insert two sequins of different sizes into it, a small one followed by a larger one. Then poke the pin into the ball. Poke as many sequinned pins into the ball as it can hold.

Snow Flakes

Take wooden Popsicle sticks and stick two of them to make a ‘cross’. Stick two more together to make a ‘plus’ sign. Stick the ‘plus’ and the ‘cross’ together to make a snow flake. Paint it white or in any other colour. You can also stick a litle ribbon loop to hang the snow-flakes on tree.

Christmas Tree

Draw a Christmas tree on a plane paper and cut it out to use as template. Trace the template on a foam sheet and on a green felt sheet. Cut them and stick the foam and felt sheets together. Decorate the tree by gluing colourful buttons or sequins to it. Make a hole on top of the tree and thread a ribbon to hang the tiny tree.


Take two white paper plates of different sizes and stick them together using glue or double sided tape. Glue eyes, foam nose and mouth on the smaller plate. Cut a hat out of a black paper and stick it on top of the smaller plate. Tie a ribbon around the neck area and decorate the bigger plate with sequins to look like buttons.

Salt Dough Shapes

Mix 1 cup all purpose flour with 1 cup salt. Knead a dough with water that is stretchy but not too sticky. Use this salt-dough to mold letters, trees or any other shapes you want. Poke a hole through the shapes to insert a ribbon for hanging. When they are ready, arrange the shapes on a baking parchment. Bake for 2 hours at 100 degree Celsius. Tie a ribbon through the hole and use the shapes for decoration. You can paint them too.

Family-Photo Wreath

Cut Circles from card-stocks of different colours. Take photos and cut faces from them and keep the shape round but a little smaller than the card-circles. Attach the photos to the card-circles. Glue these photos to a Styrofoam wreath with slight overlapping of the edges. Hang bells and other tiny decorative items near the photos. Stick a ribbon on the back of the wreath as a loop. Hang the photo-wreath anywhere you want.

Gift Wraps

Stack colourful Legos together to make cubes and tie thin ribbons on them. This will make them look like tiny gifts that can be hung on Christmas tree.

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Wrapping Paper Ornaments

Cut circles from card stocks and wrapping papers. All circles should be of same size. Stick wrapping paper circles on card-circles. Decorate these circles with sequins and ribbons. Loop a ribbon through the circles to tie them to the tree.

Colourful Balls

Take a clear acrylic ball ornament with a hanger-lid. Open the lid and drop some acrylic paint inside. You can use any colour or mix multiple colours. Then insert a small marble or ball bearing into the clear ball and twirl it gently. This will paint the inside of the ball and then you can take the small marble out. Close the lid, tie a ribbon and your beautiful ball-ornament is ready.

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